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4140, OR May 2022

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Don't know
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Spotty, may not work at all
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Don't know

I went to this little summit on my way back from failing to be able to get close enough to Little Grayback Peak. Still were several foot deep drifts miles away from the trailhead. Its about a 1.3 mi hike from a BLM gate at the west side ridge. You can navigate up through the forest finding some clearing from very old logging roads. I think they may be getting ready to cut some of this area again soon. There are 2 peaks to the mountain that are both in the AZ. I chose to set up at the west peak. 

Robin wanted to take a "shortcut" down the south side to the gated road which was a big mistake. It is very steep and brushy. Stick to the west ridge. 

From 238, take Water Gap Road south, then turn on Powell Creek Rd 38-5-15. Park at the gate 38-6-25.5/25 (it isn't always closed, it is closed for Port Orford Cedar protection of a fungus, but even if open I am guessing the west ridge is the best bet).


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