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Green Mountain North, WA | Dec-2012

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Voice Cellular Coverage: 
Good, very usable
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Good, very usable
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Good digi echos

An easy two-pointer in SW Washington that is pretty close to Portland with pavement all the way to the gates where you start your short hike. The weather for this activation was chilly but dry. The directions below will get you there from Interstate 5 although directions from Exit 30/Kalama might be a bit easier to follow.


Exit 27 toward Todd Rd/Port of Kalama 0.3 mi

Turn right onto Robb Rd 157 ft

1st left onto Old Pacific Hwy S 0.8 mi

Take the 2nd right onto Vincent Rd 0.2 mi

Turn left onto Cloverdale Rd 0.5 mi

Take the 1st right onto Gore Rd 1.0 mi

Slight right onto China Garden Rd 2.6 mi


The red circle in the photo below shows the end of China Garden Rd where there are two gates, a blue one and a yellow one. It's only 0.3 mile hike to the "near" site behind the yellow gate and 0.6 miles to the "far" site if you head down the road behind the blue gate (both repeater sites are within the activation zone). The first is not the prettiest summit and even in great weather I don't think there would be views from there. There's quite the briar patch separating the two sites, so if you want the "true" summit use the blue gated road.

I didn't experience any QRM from the equipment. Twenty-three chasers found me starting on 17M CW, moving to 20M SSB for a bit, and taking care of the locals with some 30M CW at the end. 

Parking at end of China Garden Rd circled
"Trailhead" yellow and blue gates
Green Mountain North summit from "near" site
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Many Thanks for that Write-up, Etienne

Following your directions, Green Mountain North was easy to find.  It was one of several I scouted while considering nearby locations for my first solo activation, and it seemed to be the most accessible for an out-of-shape old man.

With the decision made, I still wavered until 30/11/2013, the last forecast day of decent weather before a long stretch of rainy days. 

The pack was heavy, but the trail was short.  A few stumps near the summit marker provided a table, seat, and mast support. I logged 34 contacts on three bands (12, 20, and 30 meters) before the calls dried up and the drizzle began.  73 & thanks again.

Gary, K9ZMD
Ridgefield, WA