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Indian Mountain , Idaho/ April 2020

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  Indian Mtn is South of Pocatello Idaho.  Travel to  Mink Creek Recreation Area Rd and take a left on the East Fork of Mink Rd. Travel a mile up the road to Lead Draw trailhead.  You can either hike east or take a four wheeler/UTV and drive up to the ruins of a old ski resort. Only thing left is a rock fireplace.  There will be a single track trail N.E. above the ruins which will lead you to the summit of Indian Mountain.  It is approx. 3 miles from the ruins to the summit.  It is all exposed. Once you get to the top ridgeline there will be a single track trail heading North for a couple of hundred yds where you will find the Geo. marker.

  It is all on public land, BLM and Caribou National Forest so no worries about trespassing.