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Cornell Mountain, Oregon. 02/12/2019


Cornell Mountain, Portland Oregon. W7O/WV-090

Easy parking on Penridge Rd. Definitely a pavement activation. Quiet neighborhood with plenty of folks walking their doggos.. I really wanted to throw a wire up and work CW but didnt see a spot that wasn't private property.

 So out came the Yaesu FT-60.

 146.520 worked well for me and I made 4 contacts relatively quick and easy which was nice because I really didnt want to disturb or raise any suspicions with the fine folks from the neighborhood that were out and about with their dogs. 

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Bald Peak, Oregon. November 2019


I activated my first SOTA summit here. Nice views and plenty of tall trees for your wire antenna. Parking is great. Plenty of room along with several picnic tables. Restroom facilities were available and clean. 

 Highly recommend for your first SOTA Summit.