KK7DS' SOTA file generator

This tool will generate custom query files of SOTA summits. Insert the parameters for one of the query methods and click "Submit" to download the resulting file for offline use. See below for instructions on how to make this update "live" in Google Earth.

Note that in areas in the western hemisphere, the absolute value of your "Min Longitude" will be greater than your "Max Longitude". Format is decimal degrees.
Query by: Gridsquare Coordinates Association
Grid Square Example: CN85
Min Latitude Example: 45.4
Max Latitude Example: 45.7
Min Longitude Example: -122.3
Max Longitude Example: -121.8
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Show me an example for Oregon, USA

What does it look like?

To see what it looks like in Google Earth, see the following screenshots from the Mt. Hood area in Oregon: Nearby Summits, Summit Detail, Elevation Profile, 3D view

How do I get a live feed?

By adding this source as a network link in Google Earth, the status of the SOTA points will be updated automatically any time you are online. Enter the appropriate values above and then copy the URL from the box below:

Add this to your Google Earth places by going to the Add menu, choosing Network Link and adding this url.