23 April 2016 - W7W and W7O Summit-to-Summit Party

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Hello All - 

We're looking at another Summit-to-Summit Party (S2S) for the Willamette Valley and Puget Sound on Saturday April 23rd at local noon.

In addition to 2m FM on 146.55 and/or 146.58, we'll encourge some 40m SSB activity to see if the more distant stations might be able to work each other. Details will come later, but see the announcements below from last year to see how things will unfold. That weekend is also the North America SOTA Spring Activity Weekend, so HF should also bring opportunities for S2S contacts across the continent.

Your on-air 'hosts' will include Roger-ND7PA, Etienne-K7ATN, Guy-N7UN, Mark-K7NEW, Todd-W7TAO, Tanner-K7TMT, Mason-K7MWT and Darryl-WW7D.

Willamette Valley S2S Party announcement from 2015

Puget Sound S2S Party announcement from 2015