Welcome to the Pacific Northwest!

The pnwSOTA website was created to facilitate communication between SOTA operators in the Pacific Northwest region, as well as show off some of the activities of the top-notch folks we have in the area. On this site you will find information about getting started in SOTA as well as details about summits and activations contributed by people that are operating here.

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Activation of Little Odell Butte - June 24, 2016


Little Odell Butte is near the Willamette Pass ski area just off OR58 and is also near Odell
Butte. Its a cute warm-up hike for its bigger namesake.

Little Odell Butte is reached by turning off onto RD6020 off of OR58 between mileposts 76
and 77.  RD6020 parallels OR58 for a bit then turns west. 1.5 miles from OR58, take RD500
on the right. I'd go maybe a couple of hundred feet or so and park. Its too rough and brushy
for any vehicle you care about keeping.

Using a map and GPS head up RD500 staying to the left initially then turning up towards the

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Activation of Marmot Butte - June 24, 2016


Marmot Butte is a rather nondescript summit just northeast of Chemult, OR.
It is also about 3km northeast of Walker Mountain. The two can easily be
done in one day. signage is sparse on this trek. Be sure to take map and
GPS to keep on track.

On this warm late June day, the mosquitoes were hungry and numerous. Its never
a good sign when you see dozens of mosquitoes lighting on your rig breaking off
their blood sucking apparatus the moment you stop. 100% DEET was employed.

Marmot Butte is reached by first taking NF9755 approximately 1.2mi north of the

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SOTA Activation: Red Top Mountain, Kittitas County, Washington - June 5, 2016


Repeat Activation of Red Top Mountain Lookout.  Red Top (W7W/CW-061) is 5,361 feet elevation (1,634 meters), and is located approximately 15 miles NNE of Cle Elum, Washington.  There have been many activations of Red Top Mountain before, so there is ample planning material available.  Great weather, great views and the good company of my XYL and Dexter the SOT

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SOTA Activation: "Mount Attenuator", AKA "Summit Lake Peak", Pierce County, Washington - May 30, 2016



A fantastic Activation together with my SOTA Buddy, Tim, KG7EJT, along with his wife Masako, my wife Sharon & Dexter the SOTA Dog on Memorial Day 2016.  Great weather, fantastic views from the summit and a successful SOTA Activation for both of us, yielded a memorable outing. "Mount Attenuator", mostly known as Summit Lake Peak, is approximately 3 miles north of Mount Rainier National Park.  Thus it affords incredible sweeping outlook of the north aspect of mighty Mount Rainier.  Mount Attenuator is 5,780 feet (1,762 meters) high, and is reached via approximately 6.1 mile RT trail.  Elevation gain is approximately 1,360 feet.

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Sheep Mountain (W7M/LM-074) SOTA


A great trip to the summit of Sheep Mountain. Trail is almost snow free with some patches towards the top. There is 30-40 blowdowns that will slow you down if you are riding a bike.

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Lost Lake Butte, OR | June 2016


This is a nice hike of 1100 feet on a well-graded trail of about 4.8 miles round trip.

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Indian Mtn, OR | June 2016


Indian Mountain, north of Mount Hood, is a remote summit with great views of Mount Hood.

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(No Access) Gold Hill, OR


This summit is right across from the Cement Plant off Hwy I-84 between Baker City, OR and Farewell Bend, OR.  Looked like a nice option for a quick activation when traveling Hwy I-84.  However, the obvious road to the top was chained with a sign stating permission required.  No contact info, so must be locals wanting to keep people off the land.  There is also a radio facility near the top, so the chain and sign keep people away from that area as well.

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Fairview Mountain, MT| June, 2016


This is a very nice hike (3.3 Miles, 2,900 ft.)


Drive west from Augusta towards Nilan Reservoir and Benchmark.  Continue for 14-miles, turning right (Northerly) on the Willow Creek road towards Gibson Reservoir.  Continue another 1.2 miles and turn left immediately after passing Scoutana – an old Girl Scout Camp.  The turn is also signed as “USFS Administrative Site”.  Follow this road and park where it is blocked by a gate.