Welcome to the Pacific Northwest!

The pnwSOTA website was created to facilitate communication between SOTA operators in the Pacific Northwest region, as well as show off some of the activities of the top-notch folks we have in the area. On this site you will find information about getting started in SOTA as well as details about summits and activations contributed by people that are operating here.

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Old Blue Mountain, OR | No Access


Note that this is NOT W7O/CC-021 - Old Blue or W7O/SC-066 - Old Blue Mountain.

When approaching from BLM Road 10 off of Highway 35, Old Blue Mountain, near Marys Peak, is gated and posted as private property. It appears that the peak itself is on public lands, but the access from the south passes through Weyerhauser timber land.

There may be other access on other roads that approach from another side of the peak.

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First SOTA Activation: Sky Mountain, King County / Chelan County (on the dividing line), Washington - September 16, 2016


Sky Mountain is a high point on the ridge directly across US Highway 2 from Stevens Pass Ski Resort.  The summit is at Point 5,482 feet, and is not actually named on the USGS topo maps. Sky Mountain hike/scramble is only about 5 miles RT, and 1,700 feet elevation gain.  Despite the relatively short distance and modest elevation gain, this scramble is not trivial.  Tim, KG7EJT, tried it in winter, but turned back due to weather and avalanche hazard.  So now we returned for a joint Activation in the last week of summer 2016 for what turned out to be the "The Great Tarzan Traverse" route variant. 

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Blue Ridge, OR (near Coos Bay) | September 2016


An easy trip for visitors to the Coos Bay area. Directions:


0.0    From US-101, take Coos - Sumner Lane East

5.0     Continue through Sumner as name changes to Fairview-Sumner Lane

7.3     Continue left at Tee on Fairview-Sumner Lane

7.7     Left at fork onto paved USFS road 26-12-4.2

8.7     Stay on paved road

9.1     Stay on paved road

10.1    Right at fork onto gravel road

10.2    Right at fork onto USFS 26-12-35.1

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Southern Oregon's Onion Mountain Lookout


Onion Mountain is a relatively easy trip for the traveler to Southern Oregon who wants to do a little SOTA while visiting.  It's close to Grants Pass, has a fairly good road, and only requires a mile or so of hiking.  To boot, it offers great views.

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Scott Mtn, OR | Sept 2016 - no summit


Well, so much for trying to get on Scott Mountain on my birthday!  It started to rain yesterday (Saturday), and it rained with a vengeance all night last night.  Also, the fog first covered the mountain and then the Tenas lakes, where we were camped.  This morning it was very evident that there was no way we were going to try to summit.  How ironic--last year we summited and had no QSOs, and this year we were well advertised and had no summit!

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Huffaker Mtn Sept 2016


This is a GPS-required hike in order to return safely to your parked vehicle.  This is a treed, non-descript summit. You can get within 1/2-mile on FR2505 then it's a bushwhack to the summit AZ.  I parked at the rusted gate just before FR2505 becomes quite narrow.  I followed the narrow road up for about 1/4-mile until it ended, then marked a waypoint and started the final 1/4-mile bushwhack to the summit.  There is a decent forest road that leads the summit but couldn't determine where that road leads coming down from the summit.

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Burley Mtn Sept 2016


Burley Mtn is a drive-up to an open fire lookout with expansive views of Rainier, St. Helens, and Mt Adams.  You can stay overnight at the lookout on a first-come basis.  But bring some sheets as the two beds and mattresses are grundgy. There is a wood stove for heat so also bring some firewood to take the morning chill off.  This is an exposed area so it can be quite windy.  There is a picnic bench and some trees for your antennas.  Best terrain takeoffs are to the east and south...a radio repeator tower is on the west side of the peak.

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Windy Ridge, WA Sept 2016


Plan a clear day for this trip since the mountain views (St Helens, Mt. Adams, Mt Hood, Mt Rainier) are spectacular from the summit area.  The views of the Mt St Helens north crater and blast zone are iconic.  This hike should be on the "must do" list in order to gain insight into the blast and destruction caused by the 1980 eruption.

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Pansy Mountain, OR | August 2014


Pansy Mountain is a challenging activation with a steep cross-country approach for the last half mile. Be sure to use a GPS or have a fantastic sense of direction so you can find you way BACK to the trail.