Welcome to the Pacific Northwest!

The pnwSOTA website was created to facilitate communication between SOTA operators in the Pacific Northwest region, as well as show off some of the activities of the top-notch folks we have in the area. On this site you will find information about getting started in SOTA as well as details about summits and activations contributed by people that are operating here.

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Western Mountain (ME) activation as WB4SPB/1, 10/1/2015

Home is Tacoma, WA, but since I acquired lightweight QRP gear a couple of years ago, I’ve been tempted to take it with me when I travel. I finally did so, on a trip to visit family in New England.

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First SOTA Activation: Cowboy Mountain, King County, Washington - October 5, 2015

A nice fall day, good company of Tim, KG7EJT and Dexter the SOTA Dog, a successful joint First Actvation of Cowboy Mountain (including a S2S contact with VA7JBE/7 on the summit of Mount Baker) and nobody else anywhere near the summit itself, made for a very nice outing.

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Carne Mtn/Mt Maude (non)Activations and Other News

OK, so it seems that I jumped into this SOTA thing a little too quickly and made a couple of mistakes.  Thankfully, there are several people who have contacted me with some great advice for getting on track to doing things right.  Hopefully I will have better luck going forward.

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pnwSOTA Activation: Humpback Mtn, 2015/09/30

A beautiful Wednesday evening had me going up to the summit of Humpback Mountain in the Snoqulamie Pass area with a group of hiking friends.  Clear skies with negligible wind made for perfect conditions on the summit.  After catching my breath on top I got out my radio and started making call outs.  The first I tried was the Rattlesnake Mtn repeater but I did not reach anyone there I also did not reach anyone on any of the USHGPA freqs.  I did, however, make contact with Jack (W7HNH) from Cle Elum on 147.360, which is a Kittitas County Repeater.  I use that same fre

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SOTA Activation: Mount Fremont, Pierce County, Washington - September 18, 2015

A crisp Fall-like day, sparse crowds and a successful activation made for a pleasant, if short day.  The route to the summit, and the Activation itself were changed, and cut short, by a large heard of mountain goats which were straddling the ridge running between the SE Summit (incorrectly labeled as Mount Fremont) and the Middle Summit, (True Summit).

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Green Mountain activation with K7ZG, 9/13/2015

This second day of the NA SOTA Weekend dawned wet and misty, but with the promise (unfulfilled, as it turned out) of clearing at some point, and it wasn't really raining.  So Joe K7ZG drove us to Green Mountain, where we intended to find the road that allows a drive-up to a parking area somewhat below the summit.  I thought this road was north of the Gold Creek Trail trailhead parking area, but I wasn't sure how far or how it would be marked. We turned around before we got to it (as we learned later, see below), and decided to just do the entire hike.

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Mt. Fremont activation with N7OMS, 9/12/2015

On this Saturday of the NA SOTA Weekend, at about 10:45am, our party of four set out from Sunrise on Mt. Rainier to walk the Mt. Fremont Lookout trail.  The Lookout promises spectacular northward views of the Grand Park meadows, and the entire trail is hugely scenic.  More to the point, about ½ mile before the Lookout, the trail passes a few hundred feet below the summit of Mt. Fremont, and that was, of course, the real destination for the hams in the group:  myself and Al N7OMS.

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Kelly Butte SOTA Activation

Doug (KY7S) and I activated this summit as part of NA SOTA weekend. We had a blast up there and enjoyed the great day in western WA. Important to have a plan for spotting up there. Cell phone was not that great...APRS worked Awesome. A lot of 2m S2S activity. More then expected. Cant wait to get on the next one.

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