Welcome to the Pacific Northwest!

The pnwSOTA website was created to facilitate communication between SOTA operators in the Pacific Northwest region, as well as show off some of the activities of the top-notch folks we have in the area. On this site you will find information about getting started in SOTA as well as details about summits and activations contributed by people that are operating here.

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Peak 1804, OR | August 2017


Here's a drive-up summit a few miles off Highway 26 when you are on your way to the coast. Not from from the well-trod Saddle Mountain, W7O/NC-004, it's one more point for the ambitious activator. The roads are easily traveled in a passenger car.

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Humbug Mountain, OR | August 2017 - Closed


This summit is north of Highway 26 on the way to the coast from Portland.

In August 2017 Lewis & Clark Timberlands has posted the road to Humbug Mountain "Land closed to public entry due to high fire danger."

It has been open to foot traffic in the past and it may be open again sometime. 

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Boiler Ridge, OR - Closed to Entry


This summit is north of Highway 26 on the way to the coast from Portland.

Weyerhauser has now posted much (all?) of their property as "No Trespassing."

(August 2017)

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10K Chaser Points

After nearly two years of less than dedicated seat time I was able to collect my 10,000 SOTA chaser points.  This is my 2nd set of 10K points.  The first being when I operated and chased as WA6RIC.  Moving to Oregon some three years ago, I gave up my W6 callsign for a W7.  I then made the decision to start chasing again in W7O land.  However, I soon found out that my QTH is not in the best location.  Being on the coast (Newport) I have the hills and the Coastal Ranges backing up to me.  That and low sunspots and generally bad band conditio

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Grindstone Mountain


This summit had never been activated and I now know why!  The USGS maps would have you believe there is a road to the summit.  There actually was a road when the forestry lookout was standing, but the last 1-1/2 miles of road is now overgrown and would take some guts and a great off-road 4-wheeler to traverse it.  These same last miles are steep and unrelenting, though completely forested.  When the so-called road ends. there are a few hundred feet of vertical trail required to reach the summt.

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Scar Mountain, Oregon, KF7SEY


Scar Moutain is a old lookout site. No trail to the summit which required some bush wacking. Start by taking Parish Road off of Highyway 22 east of Detroit at 44°31'31.88"N 121°59'40.09"W. Follow this for about 2.25 miles. Turn right onto NF-1164 at 44°31'19.71"N 122° 1'49.04"W for about 2.5 miles. Then turn left on NF-1161 at 44°33'2.95"N 122° 2'38.65"W. Follow this for 4 miles. Turn left at 44°33'56.79"N 122° 6'26.54"W. The peak is on your left. After I went left I parked on a wide spot on the road less then a quarter mile in.

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5-6 August 2017 - Northwest S2S Party!

ON August 5 and 6 2017 let's work Summit-to-Summit !

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Update on Grass Mountain near Alsea ,OR



This is a quick update on Grass Mountain, W7O/CC-002, near Alsea, OR. In the past, this trail to a grassy meadow with nice views of the valley below was worth the time and effort.