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The pnwSOTA website was created to facilitate communication between SOTA operators in the Pacific Northwest region, as well as show off some of the activities of the top-notch folks we have in the area. On this site you will find information about getting started in SOTA as well as details about summits and activations contributed by people that are operating here.

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Montana - Vermilion Peak 1July2019


Vermilion Peak is accessed via a moderately climbing trail in the southern Cabinet Mountains.  It also makes an easy SOTA double when teamed up with Mount Headley, W7M/LO-018.  The summit has fine views of nearby summits and distant peaks, like the Cabinet Mountains Wilderness Area. 

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Montana Mount Headley 30June2019


Mount Headley is easily accessed via a moderately climbing trail in the southern Cabinet Mountains.  It also makes an easy SOTA double when teamed up with Vermilion Peak, W7M/LO-056.  The summit is the tallest in the area and has fine views of nearby summits, lakes and distant peaks.  Be sure to stop and view Graves Creek Falls w

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Peak 6660, MT | September, 2020


0.9 miles, +500 ft, -100 ft

This is a pleasant hike through a thick lodgepole pine forest.  The summit is a grassy meadow with some trees and views of the forested hills to the west.  It is prudent to take a chain saw for the drive in, in case if the road is blocked.  Note that the road is not open to motorized use from Oct. 15 – June 30.  The road is suitable for all vehicles.


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Lemei Rock, WA | September 2020


I approached this peak on a backpacking trip from the west, from Bear Lake, and hiked on Indian Heaven Trail to Lemei Trail; this made it 6 miles and 1100' gain. You can approach instead from Lemei Trailhead, making this a 9 mile, 2500' gain hike.

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Gifford Peak, WA | September 2020



Gifford Peak is a forested summit above Blue Lake in the Indian Heaven Wilderness. This area is a popular destination for day hikers and backpackers, directly on the Pacific Crest Trail, so be prepared to meet crowds any day with good weather. The lake can be approached from either Falls Creek Horse Camp or the Thomas Lake Trailhead. Once there, take Thomas Lake Trail to the northwest corner of the lake, and proceed up the ridge off-trail. The ridge is pronounced and easy to follow to the true summit.

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Camp Creek Ridge Oregon | Locked Gate and Posted No Trespassing


From Marcola take Tree Farm Road.  About a 1/4 mile past the end of the paved road (gravel beyond this point) you will find the locked Gate and Posted No Trespassing.  There are homes both sides of the road right up to the gate.

The property is controlled by Giustina Land and Timber.  The have a website that you can check on acess:


Phone number: 541-345-2304 or 541-345-2301

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Extreme Fire Danger - Many Summit Areas Inaccessible - Sep 9 2020

Extreme Fire Danger - Many Summit Areas Inaccessible - Be Safe

Most (all) of Oregon National Forests are Closed

Most (all) State of Oregon and County Forest Lands are Closed

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Brundage Mountain, ID | August 2020


Brundage Mountain SOTA brings the thought of riding a chair lift at the ski resort to the summit.  In actuality, the true summit is a mile north of the ski resort are requires a bushwhack for most of the 4 mile round trip.  The views from the summit mostly make up for bushwhack and somewhat dangerous final ascent to the summit.

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Those Pesky Gated Forest Service Roads

I have noticed several posts lately and have experienced the dilemma myself several times of encountering closed Forest Service gates. A well planned expedition to activaate a summit can be ruined by an inconviently and unexpected closed gate.