How to Contribute

The pnwSOTA site is dynamic and always in need of new and fresh material. If you are a SOTA activator or chaser and want to contribute to the site, please do! To get started, sign up for an account. Once you've been added to the group of bloggers, you can use the Create Content link in the navigation menu on the left-hand side of the screen. Public file downloads can be added by the same interface, if you have something to share such as a PDF, PowerPoint file, etc. If you want to contribute to or edit the static content on the page, or have any other suggestions please contact the webmaster. The rest of this page is dedicated to tips and guidelines for adding content to the site and assumes that you are already logged in to your account.

Managing Your Account

Please do attach a headshot or other identifying picture to your account. This doesn't have to be recongnizable as you, but it is preferred. On the navigation menu to the left, click My Account and then use the Edit link at the top. Please take this time to fill out the rest of your contact and biographical information as well.

Blogging about Summits

To create blog entry for the front page and the archives, use the Create Content link in the navigation menu on the left and then choose Blog Entry.

  1. Fill out the Title and Summit fields accordingly.
  2. If you were on the summit, please use the next few drop-down boxes to provide information about Cellular and APRS coverage in the area. This information helps subsequent activators know what they're in for.
  3. Next, add the body of the article. Be sure to keep the first paragraph fairly short (about four sentences or so). This will be used as the "teaser" for the front page. Everything after the first paragraph will be behind the Read More link. If you have pictures, you can either insert them inline here, or at the end in the next step. If you just want to include a couple of pictures it is easier to do so in step #4. If you want them inline, click the Image icon in the editor's toolbar. To the right of the URL field you will find a Browse icon. This tool will let you manage your remote images and upload new ones. Note that all pictures will be resized to no more than 650 pixels wide for proper display on the final article.
  4. After the body, if you wish to attach a few pictures to be displayed below the article for the readers, do that here. These will be automatically resized and placed at the end of your post for you.
  5. When you're done, use the Preview button to check your work. If you are not ready to publish the article just yet, use the Save Draft button. The resulting draft can be viewed later via the My Drafts link in the menu on the left. Hit Save if and when you're satisfied. 

Thank you for your submission -- The pnwSOTA readers appreciate it!

Posting Files for Download

The pnwSOTA site allows you to post files for public download. These should be strictly on-topic and G-rated items that you have legal permission to distribute. To create a download item, go to the Create Content link in the navigation menu on the left and then choose Public Download.

  1. Give the download a Title, such as "Dan's GPS tracks"
  2. Add a relevant Description for the visitors.
  3. Next, add the file (or files) to the download item as necessary.
  4. When you are done, click Save to make it available to the public.