Bull Run Watershed, OR | Closed to the Public

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The following peaks are within the Bull Run Watershed Management Unit. The Bull Run Watershed Management Unit is formally closed to the public to protect the water supply for metropolitan Portland, Oregon. The unit is patrolled regularly by the US Forest Service and by City of Portland Water Bureau security staff.  See also Bull Run City Code Protections: http://www.portlandoregon.gov/water/article/404061.

W7O/CN-096   3850
W7O/WV-121  3860
W7O/CN-094   4260
W7O/CN-069   Aschoff Buttes
W7O/CN-067   Big Bend Mountain
W7O/CN-063   Blazed Alder Butte
W7O/CN-060   Burnt Peak
W7O/CN-064   Clear Fork Butte
W7O/CN-061   Hickman Butte
W7O/CN-051   Hiyu Mountain
W7O/CN-068   Mount Talapus
W7O/WV-065   Palmer Peak
W7O/CN-053   Sentinel Peak
W7O/CN-054   Table Mountain

Two peaks may be accessible: W7O/WV-079 - Lookout Point and W7O/CN-046 - Buck Peak.