Central Oregon Summit to Summit Party - August 27, 2022

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Join us for a Central Oregon S2S Party - ready to go at 11am on Saturday, 27 August. Coordination for the event will be by Chris-KC7UJO as needed to reduce doubling and confusion - listen for his voice of reason.

If you will join us, post an ALERT on https://sotawatch.sota.org.uk for 27 August at 1800z for 146.58-FM with "Central Oregon S2S Party!" in the comment field.

A HT with some kind of enhanced antenna should be enough radio - a mag mount on a pizza pan is a good choice if that's all you have. (Remember that SOTA activations cannot be in the vicinity of a vehicle.)

There are lots of good summits in the area - although Awbrey Butte and Grizzly Mountain transmitters may block most HT reception - they are not recommended and neither are summits with zero activations (usually private property). And Pilot Butte in town is not a SOTA summit (we can talk about that over a beer).

Use the SOTA Atlas for summit ideas: https://sotl.as/map/coordinates/44.062312,-121.386970/9.3 and don't worry about sharing summits with another Activator. Summits that have been activated ten or more times are a good place to start out. Most peaks in the area have trip reports with good access info.

Afterwards, join us at Worthy Brewing in Bend, 495 NE Bellevue Dr, Bend, OR 97701. We'll be gathering about 1pm to give everyone a chance to get there.

No worries if you can't make it - after all the S2S have been worked, feel free to Chase any Activators you can hear, and meet us at Worthy Brewing.
Email Chris with any questions...

73, Chris-KC7UJO <chrisbjohannsen@gmail.com>

and Etienne-K7ATN