A Message from the Oregon Outdoor Community - Stay Home, Stay Safe

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Dear Oregon,

During these difficult times, we fully understand the desire to seek solace in the outdoors and the value of physical exertion to shed stress. However, in the interest of public health, we respectfully urge you to resist the desire and to comply with stay-at-home orders, and get exercise/outside in your neighborhood.

As members of the outdoor recreation community, we have a simple request to everyone: #stayhome #stayhealthy.

In Good Faith,
Columbia Gorge Tourism Alliance
Hood River Area Trail Stewards
Hood River Crag Rats
Friends of the Columbia Gorge
The Mt. Hood Institute
Mt. Hood Skibowl
Mountain Shop
Next AdventureOregon Mountain Bike Coalition
Pacific Northwest Search and Rescue, Inc.
Portland Mountain Rescue
Ready, Set, GOrge
Timberline Lodge & Ski Area
Timberline Mountain Guides
Trailkeepers of Oregon
Volcano Rescue Team

 We urge you to follow these suggestions. The more we as a community comply with the directive to stay home, the more we can lessen the impact of COVID-19, and the faster we can all get back on the trails we love.