Pacific Northwest Not Quite Fourteener

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Another S2S party? What? Why?

The SOTA communities in SoCal and Colorado have big, organized S2S parties on August 7th and 8th this year. The SOTAFEST info can be found here. The Ham 14er info can be found here. Let's take advantage of all those folks being on all those big point summits and speed our ascent to Mountain Sloth (accumulating 1000 chaser points through summit-to-summit QSOs) during the first annual

Pacific Northwest Not-Quite-Fourteener

aka the PNW-NFQ

We don't have many big hills and they are probably on private property or surrounded by wild fires but we have a lot of one pointers that we like just fine. The ops in SoCal and Colorado will be looking for S2S contacts. Why not from us?

To participate in the PNW NFQ S2S party, send an email with your call sign and your planned summit to info at qrpdx dot org. Before the event, I will put together and distribute a list of ops so we all know who's where. Then post an alert to SOTAWatch and get out on the 7th or the 8th or both. That's all there is to it!

A local S2S party with the potential for a couple of hundred chaser points from Mt. Sylvania or Rock Candy Mountain? What could be better?


August 1st Update - Colorado ops will be on early in the morning and if you've ever been on a summit when a lightning storm rolls in, you'd know why.  Plan an early start if you'd like to work the Colorado crowd. 

To make it easier for other activators and chasers to find you, do this:

1. Post an alert on SOTAwatch with your activation time. In the comments section, include PNW NQF.

2. Send an email to with your call sign and summit info. I will post a list of ops going out on the email reflector.

3. Listen and call on 146.58 MHz. Our secondary frequency is 146.56 Mhz.  If you want to chat, please move to another frequency.


73 Bill K7WXW