Queens of the Mountains

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It is with great excitement that Paula, K9IR, and I are announcing the 1st Annual Queens of the Mountains YL SOTA Special Event Weekend!!  June 1-2 a team of USAYLs will be activating summits across the states using 1x1 Special Event Station (SES) calls foreach USA region (using the format W#Q). We encourageall of you around the world, OM and YL, to chase the Queens, and all SOTA YLs to activate. We hope this event will highlight the fabulous opportunity SOTA offers for women in radio and motivate more YLs to get involved with SOTA.

Please spread the word, mark your calendar, and show your support by joining us for this first-ever event. If you are a YL wanting to participate but are not sure how, pleasereach out to either of us and we will get you rolling. You do not need your own1x1 special eventcall to participate, but if you’re interested in using the special 1x1 call that we obtained for the call area where you’ll be activating during this event, just let us know and we will send you a link to the sign-up sheet.We also encourage the use of #YLSOTA and #QOM in your alerts, spots, and social media to highlight YL activity and this event, especially if you're a YL using your personal call.

73 es 33,

Amy-AG7GP- ag7gp.amy@gmail.com

Paula-K9IR- pmuscian@sbcglobal.net