Updated W7O-Oregon, W7I-Idaho, and W7M-Montana ARM doc Revisions

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First HNY to all and your families.  Hopefully 2013 will be enriching and prosperous and that your SOTA activities will expand.

I have submitted the ARM (Association Reference Manual) Revision docs to the SOTA MT UK team.  As you may know, we were not successful in gaining approval for a points re-banding of Oregon or lowering the Winter Bonus elevation.  However, there was acknowledgement that the Winter Bonus elevation is >= 5,000 ft and the ARM doc is now in agreement.  

Sacajawea Peak (W7O/NE-259) was added and East Peak was sunseted from the NE Oregon Region.  The first vanity name ("Chasers Rock" - W7O/CN-082) was added.  Tks Etienne/K7ATN!  Blackbone Ridge (W7O/NE-135) was sunseted as it was a duplicate summit.  And the Chaser Awards threshold was raised to 2,500 points.   And all summit references were changed from W7 to W7O.

Please keep me posted as to errors or changes that might be required for the W7O ARM doc.  Thanks for your assistance.  According to the SOTA MT folks, the changes will occur to the database over the next few weeks.

May 2013 be a prosperous SOTA year for you!  

73, Guy/N7UN  (Oregon Association Manager)