Willamette Valley S2S Party | After The Airwaves Cooled

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Saturday May 16, at noon, ten operators on nine summits participated
in the Willamette Valley S2S party. The weather was pretty much typical
Oregon/Washington spring-like, with fog and rain reported at most
summits. All activity was on 2m FM with most folks running 5 watts.

We had some good DX:
NS7P   <-->  AE7RP  172km (106.9mi) {NS7P @ 5W)
K7ATN  <-->  KG7O   180km (111.8mi) {K7ATN @ 5W, KG7O @ 30W}
NS7P   <-->  KG7O   206km (128mi)
K7ATN  <-->  NS7P   209km (129.9mi) {5 Watts on both ends}
KF7SEY <-->  KG7O   209km (129.9mi)

It took about 45 minutes to work through all the permutations for
the Summit-to-Summit contacts. Here is a list of the participating

KF7SEY -- W7O/CC-011, Bald Mountain
KG7O   -- W7O/CE-135, Grizzly Mountain
K7NIT  -- W7O/WV-095, Mount Scott
AE7RP  -- W7W/LC-058, Silver Star Mtn.
K7GEN  -- W7O/WV-096, Mount Sylvania
K7ZMD  -- W7O/WV-090, Cornell Mountain
NS7P   -- W7O/CC-001, Marys Peak
K7ATN  -- W7W/LC-036, Red Mountain
KE7MSU -- W7O/WV-096, Mount Sylvania
ND7PA  -- W7O/WV-020, Rocky Top

Also heard on frequency were:
W7PCU  (In Albany, OR)
AF7QK  (NE PDX, great signal)
KG7FJF (Downtown Vancouver, WA, great signal)

Thanks to Etienne for getting the ball rolling and to everybody for
participating and making this a fun event.