Closed to Public

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Goat Mountain OR - no access | February 2022


A Forest Service map released in January, 2022 showed FR45 open to Goat Mountain so I drove out this morning, assuming I'd have, depending on the snow, a two to four mile snowshoe.   Alas, about six miles before the trailhead  (45.20082, -122.24825) I found this barring my way:

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Stark Mountain, Montana - August 1, 2020


Stark Mountain with its fire lookout looks to be an easy 4 pointer as it is an easy drive-to peak on well marked Forest Service roads. However.... the last two miles of the road is gated and the summit is currently closed to the public. See the photo. I did not push it today, being tempted to just walk the two miles. It's closed due to Covid so I'll respect that. Maybe next season.