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Larch Mountain (WA) Activation on 9-7-15


Decided Labor Day was a good day for activatiing Larch Mountain on the Washington side.  Larch Mountain is the highest point in Clark County and is easy to access with most any two-wheel drive vehicle.  We had great weather and enough chasers to make the activation a success.  This route would also be good in the winter for a snowshoe activation.

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Trailhead Pass Enforcement in Southwest Washington

There are a bunch of different passes required to access public land for Summits on the Air - I currently have five and under some circumstances, I might need to acquire another. For example, the 35-year reciprocity between Oregon and Washington for Sno-Park permits ended in 2014 - if I do a winter activation in Washington I would need to get a $20 day pass or a $40 annual pass.

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Rattlesnake Mtn June 10, 2013


Rattlesnake Mtn is part of King County's "Big Backyard" series of  hikes.  There is a trail head at the northwest end of the mountain at Snoqualmie Point and at the southeast end at Rattlesnake Lake.  Walking from TH to TH is about 11 miles.  We took the RS Lake route which is 4.3 miles and gains ~2500 ft to the summit.