AE7JT activating Mt Rainier 4-Aug 1800z

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Hugh, AE7JT, will be using 2m FM only for his climb of Mt. Rainier on Saturday, 4-Aug. I encourage all in the Puget Sound area to point your antenna his direction and encourage him to call for SOTA chasers and activators during his few minutes on the summit.

His alert calls for 146.52-fm with possible variation in summit time.

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He might be early for me with the Yagi, but I will leave my VX8 on, so if he will call I can catch him for sure :D

Tnx for this alert Etienne.

BTW, is anyone up for a multi day Rainier climb? Maybe 5 days and activating both peaks. I need someone to go with. Ideally 2 more guys :).


Also someone should tell Hugh abt this site.

Good luck. Weather is on our side ;)