NA-SOTA Weekend and VHF Contesting

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September 8-9 is the NA-SOTA Weekend and is also the ARRL VHF Contest. It's a
chance to make contacts and connections between SOTA and the VHF community. 

Getting four contacts on VHF from any SOTA summit should be easy this weekend - after you entertain the regular chasers on HF perhaps you'd consider moving to VHF. (You might find P├ęter, W7/HG1DUL, activating Mount Adams.) 

Note that most SSB activity uses horizontally polarized antennas while FM uses vertical - I've still had plenty of luck on 2m SSB with a 5/8 vertical, but try tipping that whip sideways to see if it makes a difference.

Know your grid square as that's the contest exchange - hopefully they'll give you a signal report too. See for more information. The Oregon and  Idaho ARM have grid squares for each summit and so does  (

Standard SSB calling frequencies are:

50.125 MHz

144.200 MHz

432.100 MHz


Standard FM calling frequencies are:

52.525 MHz

Don't use 146.52 FM for contest-like activity - perhaps try 146.55 or 146.58 

446.000 MHz


See these links for more information:


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Sorry guys, but I had to

Sorry guys, but I had to cancel this trip on the 3rd day. Woke up Friday morning with a headache. Climbed up to 10 600ft and get back to the tent for sleep. My headache did not go away, so I took one aspirin and left LC. Such a shame to miss this great WX opportunity on this notoriously windy summit. Will try again next summer.