Portland Urban S2S Party | After Action Report

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Thirteen operators on ten summits (two 4-pointers, two 2-pointers and the rest 1-point peaks). Three Activtitors encountered snow on their summits and one experienced snow falling - we were fortunate that everyone else had a dry activation under mostly cloudy skies. All activity was on 2m FM using 5W or sometimes less. We had three new activators and one on his second activation - the newbies had fun and are excited to try SOTA again.

On the Chaser side we had participation from one occasional SOTA Chaser but were also chased by three new folks from the Pacific Northwest VHF Society - Kevin-K7ZS, Greg-K7YDL and Dave-N7DB. Way to go to encourage more VHF operation guys!

Best DX was between Marys Peak, OR and Mt. Defiance, OR at 120 miles with 5W HT on both ends - nice!

It took about an hour to work through all the permutations for Summit-to-Summit and Chaser contacts. Eight of us attended the after Party party at a local pub and shared activation stories and enjoyed meeting in person. Thanks to Rachel-K7NIT for coming up with the idea. We'll try it again in August. Here are the participants:
     Doug-W7ZV on Mt. Defiance, OR
     Etienne-K7ATN on Mt. Sylvania, OR
     Geoff-K7WIX on Silver Star, WA
     Grover-KG7O on Davis Peak, WA
     Nick-N7ICM on Mt. Scott, OR
     Rachel-K7NITon Mt. Sylvania, OR
     Matt-KF7PXT on Bald Peak, OR
     Jason-NT7S on Cooper Mtn, OR
     Jon-KG7GMQ on Mt. Scott, OR
     Benton-KF7QLP on Bald Peak, OR
     Dan-AE7RP on Larch Mtn, WA
     Gary-K9ZMD on Skyline Ridge, OR
     Roger-ND7PA on Marys Peak, OR     

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Great fun!

This was indeed a great idea.  I'm sincerely hoping to make it to be able to stay for all the festivities in August.