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TBD. You can bet they will include 5w or less on whatever mode(s) I choose. I hope to team up and work with some local folks already active in SOTA


Gary E. Kohtala

Nearly five decades of continuous amateur opertion. Licensed in 1967. I am a Amateur Extra Class licensee. Retired Army. I was a CW intercept operator/electronic warfare systems specialist. Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, and Germany highlight some of the places I visited during my military career. The absolutely best part of my entire ham career was operating as HL9TG for nearly ten years. I was also DA2XF in Germany. I prefer CW and digital modes but do them all. I embrace the cutting edge, always trying something new and exciting, yet I also love vintage gear of all sorts. I thrive on 5w output or less, although I do QRO when appropriate. Weak signal VHF/UHF operation is another passion of mine. especially six meters. I love elmering new or inexperienced folks that express a sincere desire to do ham radio or a particular facet of ham radio. There's not enough elmering these days and I do my best to give back to ham radio which has been so good to me.


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