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W7/KG and anywhere in W7 that my friends want to go.
SOTA Activities

My first activation I packed an ICOM IC-718 and a 7.2Ah SLA. That was the last time it will go with me. The next month I was able to purchase a Yaesu FT-817ND and a Buddistick. Have upgraded my backpack and hydration system. Also just this week have replaced the SLA with a 7Ah Lithium Irom Phosphate battery that knocks out more than 4 pounds of weight over the other battery. My ICOM IC-92AD and Elk duel band antenna is always with me too, though my tape measure yagi would work just as well.


Roy Heimes

Been getting into SOTA and have 2 activations under my belt. Always looking for more info to help me enjoy it as much as I can. Have a few chaser points too. I'm quiting the nasty habbit of smoking and plan to do at least one activation per month from now on in hopes of getting strong enough to hit those 6 point and higher peaks.


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