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N7ER-5, N7ER-1
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So far, I've been a chaser from my base station. I hope to activate some "easy" summits over this summer (2015). After I get my feet wet, I would like to activate some more challenging summits in 2016 and beyond.

I now have a used FT-817ND, along with a LDG-817 tuner and KX3Helper end-fed wire antenna. Portable ops (or, ops while camping) is in my future.


Brad Estill

I've been a ham since 1987, with the original call of N7JGX. My girlfriend at the time (later, wife) got her license the same day, and was granted N7JSJ.

I upgraded to General in 1992 (13wpm required!), and FINALLY did the Extra exam last year. My wife followed suit with her upgrades, and is now N5EY.

I have primarily been interested in VHF/UHF FM and digital modes. HF has been fun, but not nearly as frequent in my usage. With SOTA activity, I hope to change that - and even try to get back into CW ops.


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