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Zero Butte

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This 2-point summit is located about 0.9 of a mile SSE from the old Air Force Radar Station near Condon, OR. There is a dirt road leading south from Richmond Road to Zero Butte. The altitude difference between Richmond Road and Zero Butte is about 8' (per Google Earth). There is a dip in the road about 0.2 mile from Zero Butte that is about 12' below Zero Butte. 

The actual summit is at a barbed wire fence (visible on Google Earth as a line running north and south through Zero Butte). The soil is rocky, so take sturdy stakes for the guys and a hammer device. Or just strap your pole to a fence post. Exfiltration is by way of the dirt road back to Richmond Road. There are some food services in Condon, but not a lot. The old Air Force Radar Station was part of the Sage System.