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2778, OR | May, 2022


NC-075 is an unremarkable peak in the Tillamook State Forest. Easy enough to accomplish if you happen to be nearby or in a completionist mood.

Access appears to be available from the west at the coast near Wheeler, but I routed from the east near Triangulation NC-005.

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Rocky Top, OR - June 2022


To get to Rocky Top from the Valley, take Hwy 22 in Marion County east past Gates, OR to Niagara Hts. Rd, across from Niagra Park at the intersection with the red and white waterwheel, well-known to area residents and weekend travelers to Central Oregon.  Watch out, the left turn approaches fast as you round the corner and I still miss it despite having been up there several times.

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Diamond Craters HP, OR | June--2022


The trip report by K7ATN is good but there are no signs anymore. Check out the attached map from Google Earth for guidance. We were not sure what road to take but we eventually figured it out based on K7ATN's report.

I was at the Malheur Field Station, about 31 miles from the turnoff on Lava Beds Rd so I decided to activate this summit. All went well until I discovered that I left my radio at the Field Station.

The one steep area mentioned in the trip roport is quite steep for anything but a 4-wheel drive vehicle. I didn't make it up until I switch to 4WD.

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Red Mountain Update: Gate Open!


Follow other blog entries for accurate directions to the access road.  The first gate at FS60 road is gone, at least destroyed.  A second gate about a mile in was also open but might  be locked later in the season.

Normally, from FS60, this is a 3.3 mi/ 1600 ft elev gain hike but I was able to drive to with 1/2 mi of the summit where I hit snow drifts covering the road. I would expect these to melt out over the next 3-4 weeks or so, making the summit potentially a drive-up where parking would be available.  

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Capacitor Peak Update


FS6801 Rd is not obscure to find and clear of windfall until about 1 mi. in.  Directions to FS6801 are available by other blog entries.  Going east on FS60, if you get to the PCT, you've gone too far.  

From where I parked (see map below), it was a 2.75 mi road hike.  Even if the windfall logs (4 of them) were cleared, the maple, alder, and doug fir are growing into the road space, meaning a few scratches on vehicles.  The road ends at a turn-around location with great views of Mt. Hood to the south.  There was a 1000 ft elev gain for this track.

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Crater Mountain, OR | August 2021


What will become a theme with these summits in the Mountain Lakes Wilderness, is that there isn't really a trail to the top.  I elected to get to the top by following the ridge which leads, almost in a crescent shape, to the summit from the Clover creek trailhead.  I feel as far as distance/ease of travel this is the best route.  See the image below.

Crater track


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Mount Harriman, OR | Sept 2021


Compared to nearby Mount Carmine, getting to the trailhead of this one is a breeze.  I parked at the Varney Creek trailhead off of Highway 140.  The road is well signed and in good shape with plenty of parking.  This summit though, at least the way I went, uses absolutely zero official trail.  From the parking lot I headed south along what looked to be an old logging road that has since been overgrown  It didn't take long for that to fade away then you are left with open forest to find your way.  The lower part of this route had been logged previously which mad

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Mount Carmine, OR | Sept 2021


Fair warning, this one is  a bit of a tricky one.  This summit doesn't have a trail to the top at all.  You could possibly access it from the Mountain lakes loop trail but it would be a very steep scramble over loose rock, it looked a bit too dicy to me when I did my scouting hike around the loop a few months earlier.  I elected, instead, to use part of the old moss creek trail which was abandonded by the forest service but is still maintained by individuals.  The old moss creek trailhead is located on land owned by green diamond and is only open to vehicle traffic

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5084, OR 2020


From memory 2 years late... mainly you need to know the area is gated most of the year, opening around hunting season, I think September to November. This summit was basically a drive up summit, at least to the AZ. Did it the same day as Indian Springs. Below is my driving route so I can find the right path again. I'll take better notes next time but hard to time these summits right with the Green Diamond gates.


de AG7GP

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Indian Springs Ridge, OR 2020


Trying this summary two years later from memory...

Most important thing is that Green Diamond only opens their gates certain times of the year. These roads aren't open off Clover creek rd until about hunting season, I think September. I don't know exactly when they re-close but around November 1.