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Arnold Mt (Lake Peak), OR 2021

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I left with not much ambition and the day wasn't really looking good. Lots of fog. We went to Arnold (not sure what's with the different name on maps vs SOTA), very early with the plan to also do Whisky, which we did. Arnold is an old mining area with cabin, shelters, outhouse, etc. It is still claimed as far as I know. It is a really neat place and I hope to go back and maybe camp for a day to explore more. Be sure to take a peek in the cabin if you can.

Take directions to Fir Glade TH and from the trailhead there is an old road, gated, to walk up. This will take you to the cabin area. From there, just start hiking up from behind the cabin/outhouse, it is pretty open meadow for a ways. It was so foggy I could not do much navigating ahead to avoid brush and found a down barbed wire range fence to use as a guide that goes most of the way up. There may be better ways, might even be a bit of a trail somewhere to avoid brush but I didn't find any. The hike is about 2.8 mi RT. I got pretty wet from the brush going up but the fog lifted just as I was setting up and it warmed and the view was spectacular.

Rocky at the top but decent set up. There is a memorial for the Arnolds at the top. Very nice views as always for this region. de AG7GP