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Porter Butte, OR Oct 2021

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Good, very usable
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Good, very usable
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Don't know

Porter Butte is a drive up summit if you have the right rig. It is pretty jeepish towards the end though. Equipment on top that had a little rfi but not horrible. There was a little flat just above and to the right of the tower to set up and also get a peak down into the basin.  It got very windy up there so it was a quick one! I did this after Cherry Peak. As mentioned in that summary, October is a beautiful time to see this area. Rocky Point and 140 are golden with aspen.

I took the road off 140 opposite Doak Mountain (sorry no name off hand), it is Green Diamond property and you go through an open gate (I do not know if it is closed during parts of the year). Take that road to Aspen Lake Rd to Round Lake rd and shoot for the road that goes up the NW ridge. Its a jeep road that can take you to the top or you can park and hike the last.  Sorry not the best directions. There are several timber corp roads in the area and they don't have names. I missed a turn coming back to 140 but if you have a GPS you can get back on track, they pretty much all go back to 140 eventually.

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