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Kinney Mountain, OR Nov 2022

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Kinney Mountain is close to Applegate Lake and many other summits. The road was pretty good all the way to the starting point of the hike. No trail. Hike through the timber. The brush is not too bad. There is enough open space to get most of the way up and back without bushwhacking. Worst is at the very summit, at least where I landed. Thick oak that you have to push through to get to true summit. Might be able to set up below but I wanted to be facing east as much as possible. Good view NW and SE through the timber/brush.

Take Upper Applegate Road. Go past the ranger station and turn right on Palmer Cr Rd. It will lead to 1090 at a small bridge and just take the road all the way up to a good starting point. The drive back down has some good views of the Ruch valley, Baldy and Little Grayback among others. My tracks are on sotamaps.

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