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Mount Stella, OR 2021

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Voice Cellular Coverage: 
Don't know
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No service at all
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Don't know

Two years late with summary so from foggy memory... Mount Stella was a straight forward hike up a blocked road. There is an old wooden lookout at the top. I did this on my way home from doing Mt. Scott and Dutton in CLNP with K7ATN and WW7D. If I recall correctly there is zero data service as this was not on my original agenda and I could not spot or do an alert. Luckily ATN and Darryl were still near and there were a group of hams contracted for communication repair at a fire lookout up north that could copy me also on my 2m HT. Plenty of room to set up.

From 230 take road 6510 over the Rogue River(beautiful area), about 1.5 (estimate) the road forks and go left. I remember driving until it was blocked, hiking up 6510-200. I think it was about a mile hike. de AG7GP


UPDATE: 2023 it was driveable to the top with high clearance.