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Jim Mee Peak, OR 2023

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Don't know
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Decent, workable
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Don't know

Jim Mee is accessible by continuing southwest on the Tallowbox LO Rd from Tallowbox. It is not accessible from Star Gulch anymore or at the moment. I discovered this the hard way by trying to go down Ladybug Gulch from Jim Mee to Ninemile and the road is deeply bermed quite aways down with no warning. Very disappointed in BLM.

Jim Mee is a driveup if you have a high clearance vehicle. It is a fairly steep road that is heavily water barred all the way up. I did it in my older Honda Passport but would not try with anything lower like my older Rav4. 4wd helped too. The road between Tallowbox and Jim Mee is also larger rock, not gravel.

Plenty of operating space in numerous areas. I like doing Jim Mee after I do Tallowbox or I think I did it after Ninemile last year but that is not an option with the above noted closure. You now have to drive all the way back down to Ruch and back up Star Gulch Rd to add Ninemile to the day.


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