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East Hills, ID | March 2022

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By Scott-KI7EMX
W7I/CI-135 East Hills (2 pts): Though close to I-84, access to this peak is not for the faint of heart. Drive 3 miles south of Declo, then east on 300 South to the end of the graded county road. This spot has a good size parking area. From this parking area it is about 1.5 miles and 1200 feet; of gain to the top on a steep 4WD road. It is possible to drive on this road all the way to the summit. The road is VERY steep (uncomfortable to walk on in places) and might be “exciting” to drive in a proper 4WD vehicle. From 4,600 feet, hike east up a BLM two-track road. Follow the ridge of East Hills east to reach the summit. There is a road along the ridge but even getting to the ridge in a vehicle requires more guts that I possess! There is a hiking trail that will get you to the ridge – trailhead at 42.48895, -113.58626. I hiked down this trail and found it less steep and much more scenic that the 4WD road.