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North Deadline Ridge, ID | February 2022

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By Scott-KI7EMX
W7I/CI-094 North Deadline Ridge (6 pts). Just West of Pike Mountain, this is an easy drive on a well-graded gravel road. Roads of varying quality leads to just west of the summit. Continue south past the ski area on the unpaved but improved FS-500 to its junction with FS-541. Follow FS-541 to the top of Deadline Ridge and a junction with FS-647. When dry the roads to this point are passable to most passenger cars. FS-647 is a rough road and 4WD or at least a high-clearance vehicle with all terrain tires is advised past this point. You can walk to the summit using FS-647 in 1.1 miles with 250 feet of elevation gain. Hike the road until you are just west of the summit and then hike up the brushy slope to the summit.