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Desert Cone, OR | Aug 2022

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Desert Cone by Mike-NS1TA.  About 2.5 miles OW and 700 feet gain. I consulted with the park ranger before my hike up and they advised me to stay off the meadow area and hike as much as possible along the treeline. I did that as best as I could. I parked on the west side of the northern park entrance road. The map says viewpoint area (43.028,-122.119). I parked there and hiked along the southern edge of the Pumice Desert following the treeline. The approach to the summit was fairly flat for the first half and then I encountered down trees in the treeline and scooted around those on my way up. It was a very easy ascent and would be an easy hike for someone experienced. No good views on the summit as it is forested.    Approach from the southeast to the west and the summit. I headed to the left (south) side of the ridge and followed the northern gradual climb to the summit.