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Bald Mtn, OR | May 2020

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Bald Mountain has been a great activation in the past for me. Still is just is a little more difficult. The way before is not accessable now due to Hancock who owns most the area keeps there gates closed and only allows non-motorized access. Easist way to aproach now is via Falls City on Valsetz Road. follow Valsetz Mainline for roughly 7.5 miles. Remember this area is closed during fire season. After roughly 7.5 miles you will find 1500 road on the left at 44°49'21.73"N 123°32'2.15"W (44.822703° -123.533931°). Follow this road for about 3 miles and will come down a steep hill. At the bottom of this hill at 44°48'9.90"N 123°31'31.97"W (44.802750° -123.525547°) you will take the right.Follow this for around a half mile. you will see a sign that says no motor vehicles and is where you will park and start your hike.  Park at 44°47'55.46"N 123°31'32.96"W (44.798739° -123.525822°)

From here you will hike up the road for about 2 miles, after that you will have to go off trail and move up to come back to the summit road. roughy 2.25 miles to summit.