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Stams Mountain, OR | Aug 2022

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Decent, workable
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Decent, workable
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Don't know

I approached this one from Highway 97 off of Walker Mountain Road (this route is long and rough, I think it was over 25 miles). It can also be reached from highway 31 via NF road 2415. Would recomend this route but if your in the area to do Walker Mountain W7O/CE-030 then you can get there. I parked here (43.3581,-121.4527) with the intent of walking the forest service roads that get close to the summit per the map. What I found was, roads were overgrown and not passable. We weaved through manzanita fields trying to stay in the open trees just heading up. Summit was a near two mile hike that was not all that bad. I had the family with me and they were not as enthused as i was to reach the summit. So we made a quick activation and started the trip back down. Summit has trees without a real view. There maybe other ways to reach the summit. This way was not to bad and I would have no problem doing it again.If you are ok with route finding without a trail and a little bushwacking then this could be the summit for you. Elevation gain was around 900 ft.