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Olympic Mountains traverse, WA 7/17/19-7/21/19

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W7W/NO-264, et al.
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I'll be traversing Olympic National Park from Sol Duc in the North to Quinault in the South from Wednesday July 17th to Sunday July 21st. We'll travel along the Bailey Range, then out via the Skyline Trail.

Most of the peaks along the way have not been activated, and I'll try to get up as many as I can.

I'll be monitoring the Gold Mountain-WW7RA repeater in Bremerton, then try direct on 146.52. WW7RA repeater: 146.62, -0.6Mhz offset, tone 103.5. I'll also try to spot myself using aprs, but I've never done it before so we'll see how that goes.

Just carrying a 2m HT w/ MFJ-1714s, and hoping for the best until the battery runs out! I'll update this post as a TR sometime after I return.


Jacob,  KJ4NBS

I tried posting an Activation Alert, but the site wasn't working.

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Your trip to ONP

Hi Jacob,

I'm planning a trip to the same area with my scout troop in early August. Hope to catch you on some of the summits.

Using the Gold Mtn. repeater to get chasers is a good strategy, just remember that you have to work them simplex for it to count as a SOTA contact (ask them to move to 146.52 or some other simplex freq). 

APRS spotting has worked very well for me. I've only been on a couple summits where it didn't work. I bet you will do fine out there. 

Best of luck and have a great trip! That is an amazing area.