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SOTA Activation of Silver King Mtn - AKA Crystal Mtn

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I Was 34 Years Old Again - SOTA Activation of Silver King Mtn - W7W/RS-010

 Sunday, Aug 4, 2013, Myself, my partner and hiking companion Pat WT7N, and Chuck AC7QN head off to Mt Rainier National Park (WA State) with full backpacks for an overnighter in the BackCountry.  The main goal was physical conditioning with a full pack to prepare for 'the big hike' the following week- a shake down outing of sorts.  Where we were going to camp was based on BC campsite availability within the White River Wilderness area of the Park.  I had 3 BC choices, where two offered SOTA peak access.  With SOTA possibilities... we took our radio equipment.

The rest of the story with some photos can be found here: Best Regards,
Rich kr7w

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Activation of Crystal Mountain

Hey Rich:

Glad you made it to activate Crystal Mountain.  Looks like it was as nice a day as when I was up there recently.

Best Wishes,

Mark, K7MAS