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Tamanos Mtn - 24 August 2014

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Tamanos Mtn – W7W/RS-015 – 8 August, 2014

Tamanos Mtn, in Mt Rainier National Park is accessed via the Owyhigh Lakes Trail, either from the White River Road TH or the Deer Creek TH along Hiway 123.

WTA knows the way to Owyhigh Lakes:
White River TH:
Deer Creek TH:

Hiking partner, Ms Pat WT7N and I decided combine this summit activation with a three day - two night backpacking trip.  From the White River TH we hiked this popular trail 3 miles to Tamanos Creek BC Camp (permit must be acquired at the White River Ranger Station).  The next morning we continued south towards Owyhigh Lakes.  About ¼ mile further is an open meadow at the apex of the trail at 5350 ft. The non maintained but obvious boot track to the summit begins here.  [Note:  At this point- APRS works flawlessly]  From the meadow we ascended up the steep slope to the top of the ridge at 6280 ft in 4/10 mile.  Then we followed the top of the ridge south for ½ mile to the summit at 6700.

There are two rock bumps on the summit that remind me of steam ship stacks which can be seen from afar at the right angle.  We did not climb onto the rocky stacks but were within 20 vertical ft of the summit. 

I had left my 21 ft carbon fish pole antenna mast in the car and became concerned that I’d have to make radio contacts with the antenna strewn on the rocks. The problem was solved with a scraggly dead tree about 6 ft high that became the apex for my Dan’s 44 ft Doublet antenna.

In the middle of the activation I looked up and noticed dark bottomed storm clouds.  “QRT BAD WX” was sent a few times and I went QRT.  Some kind chaser spotted me on sotawatch that I was QRT due to bad WX- a tip of the thank you hat to you kind madam/sir.  We quickly picked up and head back down.  At our BC campsite the rain started.  We quickly broke camp and headed to the TH in progressively worse rain.  Flash-Boom!  A lot of lightning and thunder- one strike ¼ mile away was scary too close.

Our second night was to be spent at Dick’s Lake BC Camp in the Palisades area… but we took a rain check.  End of Blog.  72   KR7W


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