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Clatskanie Mountain | Sept 2022

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Decent, workable
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Decent, workable
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Don't know

Clatskanie Mountain is one of the peaks within the Weyerhaeuser "Columbia - Washington Counties" recreational permit region. It's a relatively easy hike through a small forest section and exposed forest roads. Doing this peak as a biketivation is an option. This would be a good peak to combine with an activation of Benson Hill, NC-042.

The hike or bike is just shy of 2 miles one-way. Start on Hwy 47, about 5 miles south of the city of Clatskanie or 20 miles north of Vernonia (36 miles north of Hwy 26). There are two separte turnoffs and gates that lead up into a common intersection, but we found the north gate was easier to use due to a large turnoff area for parking just across the highway.

  • Park at (46.05827, -123.26253), a large turnout on the northbound side of the highway
  • Cross and pass through the gate, on to the intersection a few hundred feet along the road
  • At the intersection, decide whether to go right/north (blue route on the map) or left/south (green route). The north path is very slightly shorter (by about .2 miles), but seems to be unmaintained now and has some blowdown for the first quarter mile or so. It's pretty light and doesn't impede travel too badly, but would make biking very difficult. We didn't take the south route but it appears fully maintained. It also exits the forest a little sooner so you'll be hiking exposed for slightly longer.
  • The rest of the route is straightforward, following the main road until about 1.5 miles in where there is a sort of intersection and switchback. Stay to the right on all the turns and you'll begin the final ascent.
  • All of the roads are graveled and well maintained, minus the small section of windfall in the forest.

The summit is an open graveled staging area and comms tower, surrounded by young nursery trees. We found plenty of places to attach a mast, but nothing here is tall enough to toss a wire over without a a support.

I heard interference from the comms equipment on 2m that sounded like a public service repeater, but it was very brief. I believe there was also some intermittent interference on 20m SSB that raised the noise floor but didn't prevent making contacts.