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Summit 4420, OR | November 2020

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Good, very usable
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Good, very usable
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Summit 4420 is located in the Crooked River National Grassland (Ochoco NF) and has good seasonal public access.  I completed its first activation in late November 2020.  Great views from the summit looking south over the Smith Rock State Park and west along the central cascade range.

Notes from my activation…

Primary Forest Route NF57 is the main access to this area, whether you’re coming in from Hwy 97 (west from Park Ln) or Hwy 20 (east).  While it’s a primary route, note that the road is very rocky and rutted in many spots.  A high clearance or 4X4 vehicle is recommended.  I’d also avoid this road when it’s wet from recent rains or snow melt.  

From April 1 to September 30 there’s a secondary forest road, NF5730, you can drive south from NF57 to the base of the mountain.  This is the shortest approach with a hike of about a mile and 600-foot climb.  Outside this seasonal window a gate blocks NF5730 at NF57.  This is what I encountered.  From the gate to summit it’s about 2.4 miles, mostly walking along the closed road until you get back to the base of the mountain.  You’ll find that cross country hiking in this area is easy as it’s an open juniper grassland.  

When you first reach the ridge at the top of the mountain, hike past the first high point as this is not the designated summit.  Cross an old barbed wire fence and you’ll see the actual summit a few hundred yards away with a gentle climb -  actually, the entire top of the mountain is likely  in the AZ.  

I had good 2-bar LTE Verizon cell/data service and could self spot.  Good on APRS too.

Lots of juniper trees around, but a mast is probably better for your wire antenna…

Area map
View looking west from summit
At the summit
View looking south from summit at Smith Rock SP
View of Gray Butte from the trail
Gate at NF5730