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Summit 2260 (the one near Bay City, OR), February 2023

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Good digi echos

Summit 2260 is located in the Tillamook State Forest (TSF), 4 miles NE of Bay City.  There are other summits in the NC region with the same name, so this is specific to W7O/NC-101.  I completed it’s first activation in February 2023.  

The bottom line with this summit is that while it’s fairly easy to drive up near, be prepared for a dense bushwhack of around 1/2 mile, elevation gain of about 300 feet.  I just took my time pushing up the ridge following animal trails until I reached the activation zone.  Recommend long pants, long sleeves, and gloves for sure.  There was an old logging road that once reached the summit, but it’s now completely over grown and impassable.  

Another issue to be aware of is that the area along the south side of the mountain (NW quarter of Section 29) is likely private, but is not posted.  The map below shows the path I took which is all within the TSF. 

The activation zone is large and encompasses both high points on the summit - feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this as I surveyed it out well.  So you don’t necessarily need to work all the way through the brush at the top of the mountain to reach the designated summit point.  Also, the first (west) high point is a much better operating position with open areas to setup.  Everything else up top is pretty much overgrown with limited views.  

Vehicle access from Bay City up to the parking spot is fairly easy on good forest roads, about 7 miles from Hwy 101.  While roads in this part of the TSF are marginally signed, the basic route was easy to follow via Doty Ridge Rd, then merging to Sharp Creek Rd.  I parked at a big turnout area at 45.55260, -123.82003.  This is at the base of the ridge you traverse to reach the summit area.  There may be another road access from the east via Hwy 6, but I didn’t look into that.  

No luck on 2m-fm with my handheld (tried a few times), so bank on HF to get your contacts.

I had good LTE Verizon cell/data service and could self spot.  Good on APRS too.

Lots of trees around for your wire antenna…

Summit area
View of Tillamook Bay