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North Chuckanut Mountain, WA | February 2020

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North Chuckanut is a heavily treed summit with very limited views, but is a nice well-marked hike.  On a cloudy and rainy Saturday, the trail was well used.  To access the summit, use the Pine & Cedar Lakes trailhead which is easily accessed off I-5 near Bellingham, WA.  There is good parking and no pass required.


From I-5 south, take exit 246.  Turn right on S Samish Way (0.2 miles) and continue onto N Lake Samish Drive (0.1 mile).  Turn right onto Old Samish Road for 2.6 miles, and then turn left into the trailhead parking area.

From I-5 north, take exit 250.  Turn right onto Old Fairhaven Parkway for 0.1 mile, and take left onto 30th St.  In a mile, turn left onto Old Samish Rd.  In 1.3 miles turn right into the trailhead parking area.

Trail Information:

Information about Chuckanut Mountain Park may be found at link below, and you will primarily use the Pine & Cedar Lake trail.  To access the summit, you will then need to follow the Cedar Lake overlook trail.

Hiking to the summit is 3.8 miles round-trip and 1,535 feet of gain.  About half-way in the hike, there is a trail marker saying "Pine & Cedar Lakes Trail" with an arrow pointing left.  You can go left, or I went straight which shaved a small amount of length.  When getting near the top, there is a large sign board with trail going right and left.  Turn left, and in about 100 feet you will take a left uphill on the Cedar Lake overlook trail.  (There is a trail marker to show where to take this left).  The summit is getting close at this point, and for me was 1.9 miles from starting in the parking lot.


1 - Parking area

2 - First trail marker for Pine & Cedar Lake Trail - you can go left, or straight is a little shorter and nice trail

3 - Main sign board near top - take a left, and in ~100 feet another left onto Cedar Lake overlook trail

4 - Cutoff for Cedar Lake overlook trail is on the left (sign marker on right side of trail)

5 - Summit area

6 - Summit radio setup (there is a summit log near the stump on right)

7 - AllTrail tracking information/map

Parking area, no pass required
First trail marker - can go left, or straight is a little shorter
Sign board near top - take a left
Turn left here on the Cedar Lake Overlook trail (sign marker on the right)
Summit setup
AllTrail tracking info and map