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Red Mtn, WA | Third time is the charm (October 1, 2016)

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This was my third attempt at Red Mountain.  The first time I had not done any previous research on this summit, other than I have seen people on several occasions head up to the final summit (as I walked past to go to Red Pass) that really did not look like they were doing other than a day hike.

So the first time that I headed up, I simply started up the trail that I had seem many other take several time.  At about 1/3 to half the way up, I more less lost the trail and was starting to get myself into a not very good position.  I stopped and re-grouped.  Saw one more possible route and then decided to call it good for that day.

I did what I should have done and read the WTA trip report more closely. Information on Red Mountain WTA trip report.  This report has even a somewhat better description at this WTA TRIP Report.

Knowledge in hand, I made my second attempt a week ago, this time, as I headed up, the threat of rain was a possibility.  I made my way up.  Got a little past the area I did the first time, but, felt like I lost the route.  Simultaneously, it started to rain, so I decided to turnaround.  As I turned around I did see where the route was supposed to go, thanks to the picture on the WTA trip report.  I probably could have continued up, but with the rain, I did not want to get into a situation I could not get myself out of, not knowing exactly what laid ahead...  So I kept with my plan of turning around.

Then this weekend I made my third attempt.  The weather was somewhat nice, though there was a threat of rain.  The nicer weather meant more people were out, so I could see where people were going and I could chat with them on their routes.  Essentially you go up, and kind of over to the left.  Once you get up to the right of one set of trees, you can look towards the right and see the tree pictured on the trip report above.  This section was probably the most difficult in the sense that the trail was not very wide and you could slip and fall a long distance if you were not careful or lost your balance.  Once you made it up the section, then I went back to the left.  Some scrambling was involved at this point.  What appeared to be the summit straight ahead (and where I headed initially) was not.  Staying to the right is what you want to do and "hug" the steep terrain area to your right and head up a gully to the summit.

The weather was somewhat dreary.  Throughout my hike I could hear activity on 146.520-fm.  But when I reached the summit, I could not get any contacts on my usually trusty RH-770 antenna.  I pulled out my Yagi and made one contact,   With more patience I likely could have made more.  I think Snoqualmie Mtn may have blocked some potential contacts.  I know that there were people listening for me.  I was not in a very good position to operate my Yagi and I had to hold on to it.  The weather started to get a little more wet and a couple from Russia were starting to make their way down so I saw that as an opportunity to get into a small group in order to be a little more safe.

I wore a helmet.  Pretty much everyone I came across commented that they wished that they had brought a helmet.  A lot of people had never done the trail and commented that it was a bit more than what they thought it would be.  I may return some day, but likely I will have a partner to hike with when I do....


SIGNIFICANCE of Red Mountain. My friend, Monika Johnson, lost her life a few years ago, during a winter avalanche that happened while she was skiing up there.  I have been wanting to make this trip for quite some time and I am glad I was finally able to do it.