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7/31/2021 Whidbey Island

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This was a summit that I have been wanting to do for quite some time.  It appears to be a drive-up summit, because well it is.  Except that there are very few areas to pull over as the summit itself is on private property.


A discussion with James, WA7JNJ, suggested he activated at 48.30379, -122.54255.  But he was not necessarily recommending it. His activation was short and he has vowed not to return to this summit.....


On the surface, I had the same feeling.  James thought that maybe somewhere along Eagle Ridge (Street?) might be a good spot to activate.  We surveyed it the day before. and I thought that the  end of the road at 48.29836, -122.53408.


It had a school bus stop shelter at that location, and I intended to use it.  But the neightbor was in his yard, so I chose a spot out of sight from him.  A vehicle exited from that property during my activation, but did not say anything, nor did another neighbor ask what I was doing that was also in line of sight....

The activation lasted ten minutes with contacts from KJ7LSM, WA7JNJ, KJ7TTZ, K7BLA, and WU7H.  3 of the contacts were summit to summits (2 unique).

It was a good quick activation, and I would conisder coming back....