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I love getting into the very high cascades and taking challenging overnight treks into the wilderness.


John Trefethen

I enjoy packing my gear into the high country, making contacts from summits, hunting, and activating parks throughout the SOTA & POTA networks.

My family and I live between two beautiful properties, one in San Juan County and the other in Whatcom County. We keep a small farm, and we're made up of a family of five "humans being" with creation and the inhabitants of this land. Our homestead is comprised of roughly 10 acres of wooded grassland. The property is situated on a three percent slope with total southern exposure. You can learn more about us at and Instagram.

In my free time, I enjoy exploring light as it gets captured through the lens of my camera. I am interested in investigating ideas through photography and designing for our challenges in the ophthalmic industry. You can learn more about my work at | you can also connect with me on Instagram and LinkedIn.

Equipment -- IC-705, KX2, KH1, IC-7300, IC-5100, ID-52. (all barefoot) | HF Antennas -- Hexbeam 20M and up & EFHF 130' length, Sloper configuration | VHF/UHF Antennas -- Cubical Quad and Vertical 9' Commet.


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