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Amy Haptonstall

Licensed 2017. Enjoy portable activations. Just learning cw.

Interested in activating.

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Etienne Scott

Although I've had my license for forty years, I had not been active for thirty-five - until I learned about SOTA. As an active hiker/climber/skier, more opportunities to take me to places I would never think of going has made combining two favorite things into a fantastically fun activity. Any 'home' station I have is just about as temporary as the ones I set up on a peak. And a final word - Chasers Rock!

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Steve Neal

Tech & General for <1 yr.; interested in SOTA & POTA

Just received KX-2 after 10-week back order. YAY!

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Tim Sherry

Mountaineer / cyclist

SOTA by bike, ski, foot, and truck.

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Bill j

Hope to do bicycle activations. Did my first 8 miles from my home.

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Joseph Westlind

Just got into SOTA late summer of 2021. Exploring and ham radio, what's not to love? Currently only on 2m and 70cm, but hoping to add some HF gear to the kit soon.

Currently I only have 2m and 70cm capability. I primarily activate in the northern Oregon coast range and Willamette valley, but also enjoy trips to the Oregon and Washington cascade ranges. For close to home activations I use a Yaesu FT-65 and a half-wave whip on 2 meters. For farther away summits I'll bring my homebrew slim jim antenna and a 28' telescoping pole.

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Kevin Miller

Hello friends! I go by my middle name, so call me Kevin. I'm just getting started in December 2021, and sticking with 2 meters until I get a little more familiar with ham radio. Right now I'm participating in some regional and local nets with a Yaesu ftm-6000r and copper j-pole. We first took interest in ham radio because of wildfires in our area. Several times we have lost all communications. So my wife and I studied to get our technician licenses, so we can stay informed and be of service when our community needs us.

I'm also looking forward to trying some Sota activations in the near future. I have enjoyed many mountaineering trips, but had no radio experience. The idea of remote activations and off-grid operating really sounds fun to me.

Happy New Year 2022! 73's -Kevin KK7CUO

I can't wait to get started, after the spring thaw. I will be studying for my General, so I can work HF from peaks near our homestead. I have climbed many peaks in the PNW, just new to radios. Very excited to begin this new chapter! Peace, Kevin

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AF vet, Fire/ems vet. ham newbie.

none yet, yt891 on hand... SOTA banhopper 4 on order.

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Larry Ossowski

Just getting started.

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James Jorgenson

Licensed in 2017 (Tech) and 2018 (General), I began hearing SOTA stations calling for contacts on 2M. After learning more, I activated two summits in 2018, and have been enjoying activating and chasing since. Appreciate all the friendly folks who activate and chase!

Enjoy activating and currently use both Yaesu FT-70DR and Elecraft KX2. Usually the Elk antenna is used for 2M/70cm, but have also used rollup j-pole, Arrow yagi, or Diamond HT whip. HF antenna is the PackTenna mini end-fed cut for 20m, and recently tried a random wire with 9:1 unun.

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Kevin Stanton

New to ham radio.

None so far

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Nat Mote

Please see my QRZ page

I've only done a handful of SOTA activations but I've been sporadically participating in SOTA for almost two years. I use a KX2, with a KXPA100 at home and for many POTA activations. In the field I have a couple bottom-loaded verticals to choose from as well as several homebuilt wire antennas. At home I have a G5RV configured as an inverted V with the center about 50 feet off the ground.

It's been fun to see what 10 W can get you with a little elevation. I'm excited to keep exploring with my KX2.

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MTB, snowshoe, kayaking, hiking. Activate almost entirely, focused on lightweight but effective gear and techniques. Also learning CW and APRS.

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Jarod Eells

Portland-area software engineer for the last 27 years.
Recently, got back in to ham radio after a decade or so lapse.
Interested in homebrewing circuits and trying out new antenna ideas.

Just getting started with SOTA. Was able chase a few contacts last week. I enjoy hiking, backpacking and now combining that with ham radio.

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Ez Moralez

New RO enjoying QRP ops with sightseeing this beautiful country...

I am interested in visiting as many SOTA spots in the New England areas...

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Dan Huber

Semi retired gov't computer mapping guy. Active in ARES and field communications. Born in the PNW (Renton), grew up in N. Idaho, moved around a lot in the military, landed in Colorado. Love all things out of doors.

Enjoy first activations of remote peaks. Participate in the W0C's 14'ers event. Plan to start roaming around the west and activating whatever I can.

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Paul Fullmer

Retired Flight Test Engineer, member of the Boeing Employees Amateur Radio Society

Just Starting

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Richard Libby

New ham.

Activator sometimes. Chase sometimes. I use this as an excuse to get together with my best friend

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bobbie webb

doing parks on the air going to start to do SOTA chasing.

chase and start sota i do parks on the air xiegu g1m ubitx and ic-718

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Chris Johannsen

I'm a reforming software engineer, trying to return to the infrastructure and network engineering world. Been tinkering with electronics/arduino/RasberryPi on and off for a while. Very new to HAM, Passed the Tech with 100% Nov, 2021, starting to study the General.

Started watching Ham Radio Crash Course and got hooked on the idea of SOTA/POTA. Been reading/watching lots of youtube on the subject. Found this page linked from the spotters page.