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Brian Salsbery

Engineer and amateur musician

Hiking in Western Washington. 2m/70cm via HT

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Etienne Scott

Although I've had my license for forty years, I had not been active for thirty-five - until I learned about SOTA. As an active hiker/climber/skier, more opportunities to take me to places I would never think of going has made combining two favorite things into a fantastically fun activity. Any 'home' station I have is just about as temporary as the ones I set up on a peak. And a final word - Chasers Rock!

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Tim Sherry

Mountaineer / cyclist

SOTA by bike, ski, foot, and truck.

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Bill j

Hope to do bicycle activations. Did my first 8 miles from my home.

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Travis Gomez

Skagit County based SOTA activator
By hike, bike, or climb
Family man

Mostly local 2m activations. Lately I have been using CW on 20, 30, & 40m for more remote activations.
Everything is /p, no ham shack for now.

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Retired USCG Electronics Tech., Retired Director of IT - City of Coos Bay, Oregon, Retired College Instructor - Computer Science & Electronics, Licensed in 1999

Just getting started. Will probably use an IC-7062G for SOTA, homebrew wire antenna. Hope to get proficient enough in CW to use CW during activation. Will begin by chasing SOTA activations and then try activating.

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Dennis Lane

I've been hamming since 1977. Ham Radio has been a continual passion for me. I am not a great contester or extremely skilled in electronic applications. However, I have more fun than I should, just dabbling and learning. My mode of preference is CW- 90%, but I always enjoy a good rag chew on SSB or CW. I operate mainly HF. VHF Repeaters don't do too much for me, but I have a few friends that I keep in contact on 52 simplex here in the Bitterroot Valley of MT.

I have only been active with SOTA since June of 2020. I've really had lots of fun chasing the Activators. I have only done one activation but plan more next year. Lots of summits here in MT. I like to use an EFHW for 40 or 80 with a 49:1 xformer with a fiberglass telescoping pole about 17 feet. There's always a few trees around too. My 1st SOTA activation video is on my website or via QRZ.

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Tyler Ward

New ham but experienced outdoorsman. Grew up in the woods with the Scouts, and now enjoy back-country camping and travel. Any day I can get out in the woods is a good day!

Xiegu G90 w/ a speaker-wire doublet for HF, FT2DR for VHF/UHF.

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Earl Boaz

Long time on again-off again ham. Very casual operator. Father, grandfather, husband, pinata. Gardener, hunter.

Ft 817, several different antenna possibilities. Would like to chase and activate, perhaps meet with others operators for coffee.

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Amy Haptonstall

Licensed 2017. Enjoy portable activations. Just learning cw.

Interested in activating.

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Kathleen Kerns

I'll fill this out later.

I'll fill this out later.

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Greg Letendre

Project Manager in Healthcare in Portland Oregon area.

Currently working towards achieving 100 summits 100% unique.

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Randy Segers
Western North Carolina, North Georgia

New to Amateur Radio.

New chaser on hf and 2 meters

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Caleb Moose

I am a SOTA activator from Colorado, moving to Idaho. Looking forward to joining the W7I activators!

I mostly do SSB and but can do CW. I 3D print a lot of my SOTA gear and enjoy the challenge of ultralite backpacking as well.

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bill hulley

Being in the mountains is just about my favorite way to spend time.

When I am not carrying a radio into the woods to do SOTA or support a wilderness ultra, I like to build RF gear of all sorts. I pick SOTA summits for the challenge or hike rather than the points and when I am out I really enjoy chasing other SOTA ops for S2S points.

My primary rigs are the KX2 and FT2D. I generally use endfed antennas for HF and a half-wave whip or beam for VHF/UHF. I mostly work CW on HF and FM voice on 2M.

In 2021, I put together the first Pacific Northwest Not-Quite-Fourteener to coincide with the Ham14er and Socal SOTAFest. It turned out pretty well, with more than a dozen W7W and W7O ops getting out and making a bunch of S2S contacts.

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Tim Milne

I am 54 years old and disabled. I currently have a Technician license and try to stay active with ham radio on a daily basis.

My only current SOTA experience is chasing my son W7LHT and his friend K7FOP while they activate.

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George McKee
WM7 Montana

I am a newly licensed ham and a late bloomer to the sport. I'm 65 years old and have a great love for hiking and the outdoors. The SOTA activities are icing on the cake as they combine both mt interests into one activity.

I like to activate summits and use both have a Yaesu FT2D handheld at 5 watts and an Elecreft KX3 for the other bands. I have a portable 4 element yagi antenna for 2 meters and have received good signals up to 91 miles so far.. I'm in rural Montana so there are few that know of the sport. Makes it more challenging to activate.

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David O

Just started in the HAM world here earlier this year. Interested in SOTA, AMSAT and just learning about everything this hobby has to offer.

As the weather is getting nicer and the snow is melting away, my goal is to hit as many local area summits this year and expand my knowledge of my gear and HAM radio

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nathan k7efw

i'm just a ham in the world

2m activator

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MTB, snowshoe, kayaking, hiking. Activate almost entirely, focused on lightweight but effective gear and techniques. Also learning CW and APRS.