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Kristopher Tarnow

Interested in SOTA. spoke with someone years ago. would like to learn more!

havent participated yet. but wanting to learn more.

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Etienne Scott

Although I've had my license for forty years, I had not been active for thirty-five - until I learned about SOTA. As an active hiker/climber/skier, more opportunities to take me to places I would never think of going has made combining two favorite things into a fantastically fun activity. Any 'home' station I have is just about as temporary as the ones I set up on a peak. And a final word - Chasers Rock!

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Nick Jones

Just getting into SOTA. Love backpacking and hiking.

I haven't activated or chased yet. I hope to do both. My primary radio right now is a Kenwood TH-D7a. I'll be using an Ed Fong DBJ-2 roll up antenna for activating summits.

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Bill j

Hope to do bicycle activations. Did my first 8 miles from my home.

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James Jorgenson

Licensed in 2017 (Tech) and 2018 (General), I began hearing SOTA stations calling for contacts on 2M. After learning more, I activated two summits in 2018, and have been enjoying activating and chasing since. Appreciate all the friendly folks who activate and chase!

Enjoy activating and currently use both Yaesu FT-70DR and Elecraft KX2. Usually the Elk antenna is used for 2M/70cm, but have also used rollup j-pole, Arrow yagi, or Diamond HT whip. HF antenna is the PackTenna mini end-fed cut for 20m, and recently tried a random wire with 9:1 unun.

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Darryl Holman

Activating summits.

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Marc W Brown

I have a general class license. I a member of Cypress races,I enjoy the outdoors camping hiking beach Disney
And bbqing.

I have a Yeasu 817ND, 857 and Kentwood 72A.

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Stein Shaw

Just got my license a year ago, March 2016
Work as an internet technician/sys admin at the local phone Coop. Custer Telephone.
Live in Challis Idaho
There are 10 summits within 10 miles of my house.
Just finished (17th March 2017) 45 radiation and 6 chemo's to fight prostate cancer at 50, only 10% of men get cancer under 50, but about 80% of men get prostate cancer by the age of 80. Get your PSA tested mine should have been 1-4, it was 48 at 50, the last test has me less than 1 at 0.34!! Now I'm ready to go activate!

Just starting, my only radio at the moment is a hand held uv82. Just built a tape measure yagi for SOTA. Can't wait.
k7I/CU-333 and CU-297 are possibly going to be my first activations.

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George Cunningham

Recently upgraded to General and recently upgraded my qth station, leaving my 6 element yagi with nowhere but the mountains to operate in. So 1/1/2020 was to me my first SOTA adventure. 3 locked gates and 4 hrs of driving later. I am hooked :)

Mostly chasing but soon to summit.

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Mason Hnatiw

Lifelong contester originally from Sask (VA5AA) ~ new to the SOTA concept, I look forward to getting involved and up a few trails!

I'm a SOTA newbie but I am looking forward to getting started!

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New ham, new to SOTA, but hooked already.

Learning ham radio through SOTA. Picked up a second hand FT-817ND that is my main rig at home and summit. Looking forward to a summer of SOTA.

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Chas Ihler

I had no idea SOTA was a thing but I’m an avid hiker and I enjoy amateur radio and some mastermind decided to combine them so I’m all in. I enjoy hiking the northern cascades and look forward to activating some peaks. I was excited to see my past haunts haven’t been activated and look forward to changing that.

I have an FT817ND and a FT3DR. I’ll use my sat antenna for 2M and figure something out on the HF. Look forward to helping chase as needed as well.

I enjoy electronics and building things. I founded the SnoCo Makerspace and have been a ham since 2004 after I got out of the USAF in South Dakota. I used to blog for years and do at a trickle.

My interest would be both activities but mostly activation in Snohomish and Skagit in 2020. I’d be happy to help however I can.

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Jim Furubotten
Olympic Penninsula, Washington state.

Retired forester. New ham, technician.

New to SOTA. I enjoy geocaching, so these two should be a blast.

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Greg Letendre

Project Manager in Healthcare; Wine grape grower, newly licensed in Feb 2019.

Activator; bicycle to top if possible! Day tripper for now, not hike in and camp; newbie, starting with smaller peaks. Travel between Portland and Tri-Cities WA often.

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Joshua King

I live in beautiful North Vancouver, B.C. and just got my license in August 2019. Looking at starting SOTA next spring and need to get ready!

Nothing yet. I'll update this when I get there.

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Brad Jenkins
Portland Oregon

Hello. I'm a new Ham technician interested in all things CW and Qrp.

I'd love to activate.

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Josh Gibbs

Father of 2 teenaged sons and very active in Boy Scouts. Avid backpacker, QRP CW OP, restorer of ancient Volkswagens, dirt bike rider, computer nerd, and all around nice guy =) PNWSOTA admin and host.

I went on my first SOTA activation with Rich (AC7MA) and Bill (WA7NCL) in July 2017. I was hooked! I now have a KX2 and have been going on as many activations as my schedule will allow. I mainly do CW and sometimes 2m FM.

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Ronald Fuller


getting started

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Steve Schenk

Born, raised & educated in the Midwest, I was drawn to the mild PNW climate and moved to Seattle in 2009. Only recently started getting into amateur radio at the recommendation of a friend/coworker (K7PJP). Looking forward to getting involved with SOTA!

So far, I've only had a couple of attempts to activate and have done a fair amount of chasing from home. I'm currently learning CW and hope to get more into activating in 2020.

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Andrew Reinders

Boy Scout, long-time hiker and recent ham radio enthusiast, security researcher @ Intel.

CW and FM operator, mostly 20 and 2 meters. Interested in 2m distance and long distance 20m. Big on volcanoes and pretty views. Based in Portland, but I'm in Seattle enough to activate up there from time to time. I'm a fan of building kits and convincing people to join SOTA.