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Larry Aegerter

USAF, Adv Bike rider, trail runner, Elk hunter and all things outdoors.

Brand new and stumbling through.

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Etienne Scott

Although I've had my license for forty years, I had not been active for thirty-five - until I learned about SOTA. As an active hiker/climber/skier, more opportunities to take me to places I would never think of going has made combining two favorite things into a fantastically fun activity. Any 'home' station I have is just about as temporary as the ones I set up on a peak. And a final word - Chasers Rock!

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Tyler Ward

New ham but experienced outdoorsman. Grew up in the woods with the Scouts, and now enjoy back-country camping and travel. Any day I can get out in the woods is a good day!

Shack: IC-735 w/ OCF dipole @ ~25', IC-2200 w/ Diamond X300A @ ~30'
Mobile: Xiegu G90, FT2DR

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Cody Ames

IT nerd / Outdoors nut

I like to get outside but usually have to do it alone. SOTA lets me reach out and spread the joy of the summit with a large part of the world.

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Amy Haptonstall

Licensed 2017. Enjoy portable activations. Just learning cw.

Interested in activating.

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Jeff Langford

As an electronics hobbyist and long time computer affectionado, ham radio is just adding to the pile of my techno geek passions! I spent over 28 years working for Microsoft and love to travel the world as much as I can. Ham radio allows me to do that on a daily basis.

Another passion of mine is making beer. I've been an avid homebrewer for more than thirty years and make at least one batch of beer every month. If you are in the area, let me know as I always enjoy sharing my passions...

Active spotter and activator in the W7W and W7O areas. I love hiking with my son, backpacking, camping, and ragchewing.

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Tim Smith

Activated my first summit in May 2020 and had a great time. SOTA is a wonderful part of the world's greatest hobby!

Activated first summit in May 2020. Gear is KX3 or MTR3B with SOTABeams linked dipole or end-fed wire antenna.

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Radio Dave

Primary interests are outdoors, hiking, backpacking, and portable radio. So...SOTA seems obvious.

No activations yet, only recently getting into it, but just moved to a QTH that presents more opportunity.

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Chris Johannsen

I'm a reforming software engineer, trying to return to the infrastructure and network engineering world. Been tinkering with electronics/arduino/RasberryPi on and off for a while.

Started watching Ham Radio Crash Course and got hooked on the idea of SOTA/POTA. Been reading/watching lots of youtube on the subject. Found this page linked from the spotters page.

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John Lixvar (aka Lizard)

Bulger #6; Bike Mountaineer nonpareil; Boeing Technical Fellow (ret.)

Received General license this last March with intent of activating summits (SOTA as well as others) via mountain bike. Initial attempt of activating W7M/BE-176 using a 2m HT failed. Will try a few others before moving to HF.

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John A Kruger

Not sure what I want to say, but I'm a new HAM wanting to get out in the forest and do SOTA along with Emergency Preparedness.

Will edit more about myself later.

New to the sport. I would rather activate than chase, but both are needed.

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Jarod Eells

Portland-area software engineer for the last 27 years.
Recently, got back in to ham radio after a decade or so lapse.
Interested in homebrewing circuits and trying out new antenna ideas.

Just getting started with SOTA. Was able chase a few contacts last week. I enjoy hiking, backpacking and now combining that with ham radio.

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Jack Markee

Live in Oregon and like to go in the woods and like to play with radios.

Gives me a reason to do more mountaineering and experimenting with field deploying radio. Also trying to get better at CW.

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Tim Sherry

Mountaineer / cyclist

SOTA by bike, ski, foot, and truck.

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Jeff Cowan

Ham'd up in 2022 with a General and looking to explore POTA and SOTA in the PNW.

None so far. Still assembling my kit.

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Ham radio operator located in Central Oregon. Thinking about getting started in SOTA.

Interested in possibly becoming an activator. Enjoy casually chasing SOTA.

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Kyle McDaniel

Check QRZ or

Just getting started, hoping to learn enough to tackle my first summit next week!

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Retired Idaho Fish and Game Conservation Officer, Past President of the Sawtooth Interpretive and Historical Association IDAHO. Past Fire Lookout Idaho Butts Creek Point. Staffing Sugarloaf Peak Lookout Washington State 2022. Active Ham Radio Operator since 1964. New to SOTA. Commander of Sawtooth Search and Rescue for over three decades.

New to SOTA and looking forward to an Activation of SugarLoaf Peak Washington July through September 2022

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James Jorgenson

Licensed in 2017 (Tech) and 2018 (General), I began hearing SOTA stations calling for contacts on 2M. After learning more, I activated two summits in 2018, and have been enjoying activating and chasing since. Appreciate all the friendly folks who activate and chase!

Enjoy activating and currently use both Yaesu FT-70DR and Elecraft KX2. Usually the Elk antenna is used for 2M/70cm, but have also used rollup j-pole, Arrow yagi, or Diamond HT whip. HF antenna is the PackTenna mini end-fed cut for 20m, and recently tried a random wire with 9:1 unun.

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Kathleen Kerns

I'll fill this out later.

I'll fill this out later.