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Pinnacle Peak aka Mt. Pete - My First Activation

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After chasing a few stations the past few weeks, I decided to hike Pinnacle Peak (aka Mt. Pete) in Enumclaw to activate my first SOTA summit.

I neglected to send out an alert, but people found me anyway.  I've climbed this little peak a few times.  My plan was simple:  take my Yaesu VX-7R, an extra battery (not needed), and a twin lead 2m antenna, and call CQ on 146.52.

After huffing and puffing my way to the top, I used one of the handy benches to reach up and attach my antenna to a tree branch using a Cable Clamp.  Although it was hot out, part of the bench was in the shade.  I called CQ and both KD7LXL and KR7W came back right away.  I enjoyed a number of conversations, including summit to summit contacts with KR7W and AC7QN, who were on South Tiger Mt (W7W/KG-121).

I had a great time, and also had the opportunity to explain what I was doing with a number of people who came to the summit.  A fun first activation!  Thanks to everyone who answered my call.

Pinnacle Peak