Forested Summit

Summit is forested and/or has ample tree cover.
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Peak 7407, MT | May, 2018


3.5-miles, +1160 ft; From Pipestone Pass TH

This is a pleasant hike along the Continental Divide Trail that begins near the summit of Pipestone Pass (paved, and plowed).  It is also a POTA “2-Fer” (Beaverhead-Deerlodge NF & CDT) if you activate within 100-feet of the CDT.  It is also located on the northern edge of the historic Thompson Park area, which is a unique congressionally designated Municipal Recreation Area that includes much history related to the Milwaukee Road (Railroad).

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3739, OR February 2021


This was an easy summit I was surprised I could get to and that it had not been done already. Some of the BLM land in this area is somwhat landlocked by private land and I was anticipating the same for this one but you could drive almost to the summit. Just before you reach the summit take the the time to go to the right to a clearing that looks over Sterling Creek area and you can see the beautiful Red Buttes. Great park like area to work from that is pretty flat with tall timber and some big logs to sit on. There is a jeep road that is not on maps that goes to the top.

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Spring Mountain, Idaho - 17July2018


This summit is just off the Lolo Motorway that roughly follows along the Nee Me Poo Trail of the Nez Perce and the Lewis and Clark Trail. The Lolo Motorway, USFS #500 is a narrow mostly ridgetop road built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s. It provides access to over a dozen SOTA summits along its route that are mostly a short hike.

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3420, OR April 2020


3420-W7O/SC-263- I did this summit as a 2nd summit of the day, after Fielder Mountain. It is a lovely summit top, very park like with tall timber including Sugar Pine, Canyon Live Oak, among other evergreens and wildflowers. We parked  below a tree with a large memorial sign for a young man, Zach Marsino. This is right at the final climb up, approx 1/4 mi. up a steep well used OHV/jeep road. The path is obvious.

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Salmo Mountain, Washington - 10September2020


I was tipped-off by K7DJL that Salmo was nearly a drive-up summit not too far from our planned camp on Priest Lake. Turned out that it was a fun scenic drive through cedar and hemlock forest and over a couple of mountain passes. The summit looks into Canada so we decided to spend the night in the saddle between the 1960s era US Forest Service Lookout and the actual summit.

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Peak 2791, WA | January 2021


Here's an opportunity to do an easy summit if you are out in the Gorge for wine tasting, other summits or a hike at Catherine Creek. The road walk is short at 0.75 miles one-way and about 200 feet of gain. The road is Priusable the whole way but note that there are a number of "no turn turns" cited by our phone GPS on the way from Highway 14 to the trailhead - the directions below are general.

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Trask Mountain, OR | December 2020


Summary - An easy, if not terribly scenic drive to the trailhead and a short hike to the summit. Travel time to the trailhead was almost two hours.  VHF contacts were easy, as was APRS spotting. Trask is on public land but the route I followed goes through a Weyerhauser gate.

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Wolf Point, OR (South Access) Nov 2020


K7EEX trip report for Wolfe Point ( mentioned a possible south trail.  This report confirms a south access to Wolfe Point.

If coming from Cedar Butte activation, turn off of the road at: N45.57747° W123.63990°.  Park at N45.57731° W123.61891° the trail looks like a small drainage (see pic).  It is not maintained and hard to follow in places but you can get to the top from this south access.


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Tincup Hill - Montana 13July2020


Tincup Hill summit is a large flat area covered by a regenerated old clearcut of 15-30’ tall lodgepole pine.  There are also some mining exploration shallow-trenches cut into the summit area and access ridge.  The hike is through easy terrain lacking in downfall or high brush. Trees are available to attach wire antennas.

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Wilcox Peak, OR Dec 2020


Looking at maps, I took off for a morning hike to Wilcox Peak figuring there would be a gate part way down the hill. Surprisingly you can drive pretty much just into the AZ. The road finishes at a turnaround/shooting area, unfortunately with a lot of trash. Wish I took some large bags with me, putting it on my list as trash really bothers me in the woods!