Forested Summit

Summit is forested and/or has ample tree cover.
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2778, OR | May, 2022


NC-075 is an unremarkable peak in the Tillamook State Forest. Easy enough to accomplish if you happen to be nearby or in a completionist mood.

Access appears to be available from the west at the coast near Wheeler, but I routed from the east near Triangulation NC-005.

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Capacitor Peak Update


FS6801 Rd is not obscure to find and clear of windfall until about 1 mi. in.  Directions to FS6801 are available by other blog entries.  Going east on FS60, if you get to the PCT, you've gone too far.  

From where I parked (see map below), it was a 2.75 mi road hike.  Even if the windfall logs (4 of them) were cleared, the maple, alder, and doug fir are growing into the road space, meaning a few scratches on vehicles.  The road ends at a turn-around location with great views of Mt. Hood to the south.  There was a 1000 ft elev gain for this track.

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Mount Carmine, OR | Sept 2021


Fair warning, this one is  a bit of a tricky one.  This summit doesn't have a trail to the top at all.  You could possibly access it from the Mountain lakes loop trail but it would be a very steep scramble over loose rock, it looked a bit too dicy to me when I did my scouting hike around the loop a few months earlier.  I elected, instead, to use part of the old moss creek trail which was abandonded by the forest service but is still maintained by individuals.  The old moss creek trailhead is located on land owned by green diamond and is only open to vehicle traffic

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Burton Butte, OR June 2022


I got on  here to correct/ edit my previous blog but realized I never did a first! I've done Burton a few times and it isn't that significant in features. Just an easy stroll through the timber. Plenty of area to set up. A nice easy trek, shaded summit but no view. No established trail but the dead end road you can continue on by foot and there are other cleared out areas from logging roads many years ago. For some reason I get discombobulated easily coming down Burton and sometimes come to far left nearly missing the spur. If you are like me, keep a tracker going.

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4140, OR May 2022


I went to this little summit on my way back from failing to be able to get close enough to Little Grayback Peak. Still were several foot deep drifts miles away from the trailhead. Its about a 1.3 mi hike from a BLM gate at the west side ridge. You can navigate up through the forest finding some clearing from very old logging roads. I think they may be getting ready to cut some of this area again soon. There are 2 peaks to the mountain that are both in the AZ. I chose to set up at the west peak. 

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Mud Springs Mountain, OR May 2022


I went to do Mud Springs as a new activation after doing Chase. I typically do Chase and Hamaker but I was at 994 points and didn't want to do a late activation as my MG activation so went to this 2 point mountain instead. It is a bit of a drive for 2 points alone so I have ignored it in the past. It was a nice short little hike. Some views through the trees including a glimpse of Shasta. We parked at the south side of the mountain and hiked up, only about 1/4 mi up is my estimation. Plenty of area to set up, can pick shade or sun.

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NC-106 (2140), OR | June, 2021


NC-106 is a long drive from Portland, and a bit of a hike, all for one point operating at barely over 2000 feet. If you don't mind the green canopy though, it's one of the prettiest forests I've walked in the NC region.

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Wampus Butte, OR | Mar 2022


WARNING: Google Maps will route you on a road that is no longer publically accessible.

After activating Tumalo Mountain (W7O/CM-011), I proceeded south to Wampus Butte (W7O/CM-095) for another activation and winter bonus.  This summit had not been activated since 2014 and significant changes have occured.

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Dovre Peak, OR | April 2022


The Nestucca River Byway is a very secluded and off-the-beaten-path route through the North Coastal Range, between HW6 to the North and HW18/HW22 to the South. It's paved from Carlton at least as far West as the turnoff South to Willamina, but not maintained in the winter, so the sign says when approaching from the East from Carlton.

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Wildcat the Legal Way | July 2021


Previous writeups and activations have accessed Wildcat via the Stimson parcel that starts at Northwest Hayward Rd. Email communication with Stimson confirms that they have closed this parcel to public access, and activators should not use this path. Signage has been mixed, but the core issue is firearms use in the area that bothers the private neighbor. According to Stimson, "The entry point is actually on their property and we try to be accommodating with our neighbors."

All is not lost! Fortunately the summit itself, and a complete path of access, is on public state land.