Forested Summit

Summit is forested and/or has ample tree cover.
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Summit 5540, Montana | 15 October 2023


This is a drive-up summit into the activation zone.  A couple of concrete blocks and a tall steel antenna mast indicate the site was a possible old Timber Company repeater station when the land was under different ownership. The summit ownership is now US Forest Service.

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crazy hills wa | november 2023


Summary - Crazy Hills, along with Lone Butte, is on the western boundary of Indian Heaven Wilderness, near the Lone Butte Sno Park. The drive is mostly on paved roads by way of Carson (Wind River and Meadow Creek) and includes a 1.5 mi hike (mostly cross country). Drive time from Portland is about ninety minutes. The summit hike follows a ridge and requires a short steep climb to the high point.  APRS is good, ATT cell is servicable, two meter contacts are a struggle.

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Medicine Point, Montana | 24 August 2023


Medicine Point is a popular US Forest Service rental lookout.  The hike is pleasant on a well-maintained good-grade trail, FS #181.  I set up SOTA operation a couple of hundred feet away from the lookout to not disturb a young couple that had rented it. Much of the southerly ridge from the trail junction to the lookout is within the activation zone.

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Birkenfeld Mountain, October 22nd 2023


Getting There: DO NOT USE GOOGLE MAPS TO GET HERE!!!! Google maps will lead you straight to a gated road. Have your GPS open or a map next to you while you try to navigate this. From highway 14, turn North on Rock Creek Driver like you're headed to Skamania Lodge. Continue half a mile and then turn left on Foster Creek Road. Next turn left on Red Bluff Road which will become CG-2000. Continue a little less than a mile until you see the intersection with CG 2022 splitting up the hill to the left.

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Whetstone Ridge, MT | October, 2023


1.7 miles, +884 ft, -47 ft;  On ATV Trail

Driving Directions from Checkerboard, MT

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Little Blacktail Mountain, ID | Oct 2023


When I visited Northern Idaho, I also had the chance to activate this summit.

The route to the summit starts on Hwy 95, turning East onto Blacktail Rd.  This is followed around until it once again turns East onto Little Blacktail Rd.  Then follow the pit run (larger gravel) covered road to the top.

There are 3 or 4 repeater towers up there so I parked next to the large propane tank on the southernmost one and headed south to put some distance between us.  Even so, 20m was very noisy.  I didn't have a problem on 40m or 15m.

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Whaleback, OR | July 2023


Turn off ORE-62 Crater Lake Hwy onto NF-68, and then just follow NF-68: right at 42.8641, -122.5061; bear left at 42.873, -122.4977; and follow the pavement to the end; the turns are mostly obvious after here, Caltopo's map is quite good to Abbott Butte Trailhead; when forest management crews haven't closed the trail for fire and burnt tree hazard mitigation, you can combine this with that hike.

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Round Top, OR | July 2023


This is a quite decent set of forest roads up to a peak that'll require just a little bushwhacking.

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5220 (Watson Ridge), OR | July 2023



Here is a link to the route we (KC7JNU, KK7DAK, KK7IUD) followed to and from the peak as well as additional data; there is a screenshot below of the same route. As can be seen, we started and ended our route to the north of the peak.

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Captain Gray Mountain, OR | September 2023


Captain Grey Mountain is a road walk of a few miles gravel through a mix of forest and clear cuts.