Forested Summit

Summit is forested and/or has ample tree cover.
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Trappers Butte, OR | July 2024


This is a fairly easiy ascess summit, good for a quick activation if in the area. Start by taking Parish Lake road off Highway 22 at (44.525530, -121.994293).

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4860 OR | Jul 2024


6.5 miles RT with 1100 feet of elevation gain from the pavement. I suggest this is where you start. None of the track is steep, but there are some steeple chase logs and at one point the road was so over grown we lost it.

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1860, OR - May 2024



This peak is on Stimson Lumber land. Fortunately they allow non-motorized public access, dawn til dusk, with no permit required. There are a few caveats to be aware of (no fires, no e-bikes, no drones, and more). For details, and to make sure this tract is still open when you plan your visit, look for the "Stimson’s Public Access Policy" PDF on their site, linked from this page:

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Buckles Mountain, ID | May 2024


This summit is a good pairing with Cedar Mountain (W7I/NP-119), though a bit of a long hike around 8 miles RT for both.

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Cedar Mountain, ID | May 2024


This summit was a bit of a drive up from Highway 95.  Turn east onto E Ohio Match Rd and follow until E Forest Service Rd 1552.  This becomes gravel and then dirt and then rather rutted dirt.  A car might be able to navigate the ruts with careful driving but a high clearance vehicle or 4x4 would be better.  The upper portion of the road gets better.  Park at (47.87615426731026, -116.63432109643475) and follow the spur road around to the summit.  Hike is around 2 miles and 800' elevation OW.  The spur road had a couple tank traps in it and appears to dwindl

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Puffer Butte, WA | May 2024


1.3 mi, +513 feet

This is a super pleasant hike on nice trails.  It would also be a great winter activation with skis or snowshoes.  There is a very nice enclosed warming hut near the top (within the activation zone) with a wood stove and a picnic table.

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Spence Mountain, OR | May 2024


The Spence Mountain Trail climbs about 1800 ft in 7 miles. Its not ever terribly steep but climbs steadily without much relief. There are plenty of gorgeous views to the South and West.

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Quartzite Mt, WA | May 2024


Starting from State Highway 231 northbound towards Chewalah and turn right on Hafer Rd.  The turn left on Cottonwood Creek Rd and then right on Horseshoe Lake Rd.  Finally, there is a left turn on Mud Lake Rd.  This is somewhat rough and I would not do it after a heavy rain.  Alternatively, follow 231 into town and turn right on Flowery Trail Rd to the other end of Mud Lake Rd.  In any case, you can park at the Quartzite Mt Trailhead.  There are several spots available up and down the road.

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2384, OR | November 2023


This one-point peak is located on a parcel owned by Nuveen Natural Capital, the current owner for what we used to call Lewis & Clark Timerland. Fortunately, the new ownership has continued to offer a generous public access policy with a free permit. Furthermore, Nuveen maintains a hunting season schedule wherin they open a number of gates for motorized access. We took advantage of this season to make for a nearly driveup, albeit in miserable late fall conditions.

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Malone Peak and London Peak, OR April 2024


Two summit summary here because these can easily be done back to back. Looking for any uniques to try to achieve my 200 unique goal, Robin and I drove north to check Malone and London Peak out. Both were very easy, near drive ups. These both are a possible quick break off I-5 on a commute.