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Pole Mountain, MT | Oct., 2016

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(1.4 miles, +2,000 feet)


From the town of Basin, drive up Basin Creek (Northerly) for 2.5 miles.  Park in the single-site camping area that is between the road and the creek.  Although it is possible to hop across the rocks at low water (immediately downstream from the camping area is reasonable), it may be easier to wade.  After crossing the creek, proceed upstream to the first gully that comes in from the left (west).  Head west up the gully.  The lower portion of the gully is most easily ascended on the left side (on the old jeep trail), and the upper gully is easiest on the right (north) side.  Keep climbing until the gully begins to level out (near an old fence), then turn left (south) and begin climbing towards the summit.  Trend right (west) as you ascend.  The climb isn’t bad, but it is steep and has deadfall and rocky slopes that may be troublesome if wet or snowy.  The summit has nice views of the Boulder River valley.