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Chinquapin Mountain, OR June/Dec 2020

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I did Chinquapin in June and Dec, both in the snow as there was a freak storm in June when I went up. Both times I have gone, I have come from W. Chinquapin Mountain Rd off of E Hyatt Lake Rd. Not sure if there is access the other side? The first time I did it after activating Greens Springs Mtn., 2nd time I did it after doing Table Mountain. A lot of SOTA up in this country! Everytime we go up in this area we stop for some lunch at Hyatt Lake Resort too. Nice place to take a break and spectacular views.

Nothing spectacular about the summit, just a nice hike, beautiful country. About 1/2 mi up if you drive up the little spur road that dead ends just nw of the summit. Forested summit with rock formations at the top.

Pics are from June!

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Chinquapin from Hyatt Lk resort, Hyatt lake